You Know You’re in Europe When…

You Know You’re in Europe When…


1 | Water isn’t free but wine is cheaper than a Coke.


2 | Taking a cab will take longer than public transportation and your feet.

Sintra, Portugal

3 | Dinner doesn’t end until tomorrow. (Looking at you, Spain.)


4 | Locals genuinely pity you and your two weeks of annual leave.


5 | Dining al fresco becomes the only way to dine no matter the season, cuisine or hour. 


6 | All produce appears to be child-sized and tastes better than anything you’ve ever had before. (A GMO-free watermelon will blow your mind.)


7 | Being told you dress like a local is the ultimate compliment. 

Sintra, Portugal

8 | Spending money is fun because it’s like real-life Monopoly.


9 | Your cup of coffee is genuinely photogenic.

Taste of Hungary - Budapest

10 | Recycling becomes the world’s greatest puzzle. (Then, once solved, you can’t help but wonder why the rest of the world isn’t already on board.)


(In case it’s not apparent, please note this post is meant as a bit of a satire. There is obviously plenty to be appreciated in countries outside of Europe too. What else would you add to this list?) 

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