Wine & Views // Montmartre, Paris

Wine & Views // Montmartre, Paris


While in Paris we stayed just at the base of Montmarte – home to infamous Sacre Coeur and its sugary white dome. Just as appreciated, is the beautiful view of the city from its steps. On our first night, we hiked up to take in the sights, not realizing that these steps were home to a bustling party each evening by locals and tourists alike.

Just passing the Sacre-Coeur we came across a local wine vendor and grabbed excellent bottle of beaujolais for 10E and found spots on the hillside to catch the setting sun.

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Traveling with Lyn and Mike was absolutely wonderful. We couldn’t have had better traveling companions! As we sipped our glasses Mike commenced Rick Steve’s explanation on the history of Montmartre, in an exquisite French accent, no less.

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After finishing off the bottle we headed towards the main square in Montmarte, Place du Tertre – known for centuries as being the home to Parisian painters (including Picasso). As Rick (Steve’s) recommended, this was the place to see art in it’s most authentic Parisian flair.

Within minutes we agreed to getting our sketches done by an artist. When in Paris, right? We had so much fun chatting with this man. Later he showed us some of his beautiful artwork in a restaurant nearby – so much talent!

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After the sketch, we tumbled our way down the hill of Montmartre to the infamous Moulin Rouge. Initially we had considered attending the show but after the 180E/pp price tag we shelved the idea. A picture will do.


To avoid waiting in line at the Eiffel Tower for hours – we opted to conclude our evening with an evening visit. I highly recommend this! The city at night is a sight to behold!

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