Wedding Recap [Part 1:The Bachelorette!]

Wedding Recap [Part 1:The Bachelorette!]

I can’t believe that exactly ONE month ago today I was married. Yay, happy one month, Dan! Although we’ve spent less than 48 hours together as a married couple (here’s why), it’s been such a joy to finally call him my hubby. 🙂
Like most brides, a bachelorette party was in order prior to the wedding. Since my time back in the States was limited to just two weeks, 14 of my girlfriends and I snuck away to Ocean City, Maryland the weekend prior to the wedding. Here’s what went down:
Friday Afternoon // The gals and I left DC early to get settled into our digs for the weekend, Park Place Hotel, beachfront, and directly on the boardwalk. Upon arrival my sweetie-pie bridesmaids gave me a monogrammed bag (new initials are crazzzzy!) filled with beachy-bachy treats.

Friday Evening // After a stroll along the boardwalk to get our bearings, the gals and I dolled up for a seafood dinner at Higgins Crab Shack then on to beach bar called Macky’s.
BOTH my sister and one of my besties worked on my hair while I sipped wine and took selfies. They also both made it crystal clear that this was never going to happen again. Ha.

Saturday Morning // Anyone that lives on the East Coast knows about Seacrets – it’s one of the main reasons that Ocean City was our destination in the first place. It’s simple – there’s booze, a beach, tables and chairs IN the water, music, a lots of fellow partygoers. Most of the gals had already been there multiple times but for me it was a first and did not disappoint. The weather was perrrrfect and the drinks were killer (hello, Dirty Bananas).

After 5 hours of drinking, jiving, and chatting, an executive decision was made by one of my bridesmaids to head back to the hotel to freshen up and start thinking about the big evening ahead. The girl is brilliant, I tell ya.

Saturday Evening // Once back at the hotel the gals and I grabbed our chairs and headed down to the beach. Lounging by the beach as the sun set, some snoozed, others sipped beer and rest of us gabbed and cracked up about our Myers-Briggs test results (among other things we’re all obsessed with analyzing one another in goofy ways- I was once told that if my name wasn’t Margo it’d be ‘Geoff’, thanks ladies). Nothing beats the beach at dusk except being on the beach at dusk with your closest girlfriends. By far, this was my favorite event of the weekend. I adore all of these girls and cherish this time of girl-chat more than anything.
Saturday Night // With the sun quickly setting, we headed inside to prep for the evening. My girlfriends and I have a tradition of toasting the bachelorette before the big night out. Once we were dolled up we all gathered around the pool with wine, beer, and Cuervo in hand, and they shared their fondest memories of our friendships. I am so incredibly lucky to have such wonderful, caring and hysterical friends. They are truly sisters and I love them all SO dearly. That night we danced the night away at Fager’s and lost our voices singing in the cab rides to and from (sooo many Snapchats).

Sunday // Slowly but surely we collected ourselves and reluctantly made our way back to DC. My attention quickly turned back the wedding, then just 5 days away!

It was best weekend I could’ve ever wished for. I was absolutely spoiled with love, compliments, and drinks. I can’t thank the gals enough for making me feel super-duper special. Love you guys!