My Expatversary: 1 year abroad abroad in 12 pictures

My Expatversary: 1 year abroad abroad in 12 pictures

One whole year.

I can’t believe it. Within a matter of seconds, Dan and I ticked through 4 seasons of life as expats in Germany. We covered a lot of ground – sipped wine on the steps of the Sacre Coeur in Paris, rode bikes in Amsterdam and London, withstood a windstorm in the Sahara, binged on tapas in Spain’s Costa Del Sol, and hiked the Black Forest. Big cities, tiny villages, (RyanAir) planes, buses, trains; it’s been nonstop and wonderful. Throughout it all I’ve taken pictures, gajillions of images that we’ll cherish for years to come. 
Here are my 12 favorite photos from 12 months abroad, enjoy!
Burano Island | Italy

Paris | France // Luxembourg Gardens

Zagora | Morocco 

Ankara | Turkey

Hallstatt | Austria

Seville | Spain // La Feria

Nerja | Spain

Positano | Italy // Almalfi Coast

Sancile | Italy

Venice | Italy

Oxford | England

Prague | Czech Republic

To all those that have joined along on my journeys, thank you. Guten Blog Y’all started as a means for staying in touch with friends and family, now it’s become so much more. To the new faces, welcome! I’m so happy you’re here.