Mid-Summer Update: 10 Links to LOVE

Mid-Summer Update: 10 Links to LOVE



“Oh, no! This isn’t an invite for strangers!” THIS story cracked me up.


THIS small business productivity toolbox is stellar. Great for small business owners and fellow bloggers. I had no idea that such tools existed!


Two sea kayakers get the ride of their lives, see it HERE.


My lazy bones have been spent for the summer, so I’m finally moving out to manual mode. I find THIS blog to be incredibly helpful and inspirational for blogger and everyday life photography.

[practicing manual while Stuart was trying to nap, poor guy]


Treading lightly here, I found THIS article about the 2016 Presidential Race by the Washington Post pretty entertaining. (Hint: mentions Star Wars)

6 & 7 | TRAVEL

I’m heading to Paris this weekend and can’t wait to spend time on the Parisian beaches (you read that right), open now through mid-August. Tweet me if you have other suggestions for things I should see/do/eat in the city! @margopaige20

For the London/UK readers especially, have you seen THIS site with insider tips on London’s SE corner? It’s not only informative but the website design is super snazzy.


The most glorious blogger photo manipulation tool ever! Kudos to Oak & Oates for filling me in on the big secret, THIS website has literally saved me hours of time in Photoshop.


The ladies of A Beautiful Mess created THIS super fun app! Looping GIFs are the best thing ever (and I can’t stop making them).

 photo IMG_4838_zps91c83fca.gif
[My sister and I playing around after dinner in Strasbourg, France on Wednesday.]


THIS girl shares the basics of successful blogging. She’s a smart cookie.

11 | YUM!

THIS recipe makes 11, one too many, but it looks too easy and tasty not to share.


WELCOME! // I’m SO elated that last week my post on The Best of Prague was featured on Bloglovin’s Weekly update email. On top of that, folks seemed to love my guest post on Living in Another Language. A big HELLO to all those who just found my corner of the blogsphere. 🙂

P.S. In case you missed it, this week I shared THIS one week itinerary for seeing the best of Andalusia and recapped THIS amazing hike in Austria.