I want to help you plan your trip to Europe.

I want to help you plan your trip to Europe.

escape-consult-the-overseas-escape-2While on my one month trip to Europe in October I had a solid amount of time for self-reflection. Three weeks traveling solo will require that of you! Throughout my journey my inbox for this blog (margo@theoverseasescape.com) did what it always did: filled up with questions from travelers heading to Europe. I always try to get back to everyone in a timely manner but there are a zillion possible routes, destinations and experiences that had in Europe so, understandably, there are a zillion questions to match. More often then not, travelers resolve to head down the rabbit hole of TripAdvisor forums and come out more confused, so I try my best to help!

Previously I offered full-service travel planning including daily itineraries (here is one example) suggesting everything to do from sunrise to after sunset. To say the least, it was exhaustive and consumed a bit too much of my time for me to enjoy. My favorite aspect of the process though was the Skype chats I’d have with clients in preparation for creating the itinerary. I love talking about European travel so these chats were always productive but so enjoyable.

Moving forward, I’m back at it, but with a different offering that matches what I enjoy most – one hour Skype consults to nail down itineraries, get trip ideas, and lots (and lots!) of restaurant, activity and hotel suggestions. After the discussion I’ll curate an itinerary using a custom Google Map and provide a follow-up email with notes from the chat along with a 10+ page travel planning workbook (with a packing list, resources for finding everything from cheap flights to unique hotels, photography tips & more!).

Before sharing this new service here on the blog I wanted to ensure that this was indeed the direction I wanted to go with my spare time. After providing the service to a number of travelers that contacted me via email I can honestly say that I really adore this project and, to say the least, find it incredibly FUN.

Google Maps - Group Trip Planning

Finally, since the holidays are upon us (Ah! Did I just write that?) I also created an fun add-on for folks that want to surprise a friend or loved on with a trip to Europe. It’s a gorgeous printable that’s perfect for wrapping up in a big box with a bow (“Why is this box so light?” they’ll ask!) or putting inside a holiday card.


One of my first customers left a super sweet testimonial on Etsy about the service, I had to share:

“If you are considering a big trip to Europe and are feeling a little overwhelmed or just have a bunch of questions, then this is perfect for you! I had been READING tons of reviews, and it was so nice to TALK to someone about the trip. Margo is full of knowledge and is super easy to chat with. I came in with a loose itinerary of destinations, and she was very helpful in refining the list and pointing out options that would make the trip go much smoother and allow us to spend more time in each location. The map of destinations, attractions and restaurants she provides is also a gem and super handy to have for planning and when you’re on the trip.” – Turner Widgen

Sometimes life sends you down all kinds of paths that don’t make a ton of sense, or are simply missteps, but thankfully I’m finding my feet and this project is captures precisely what I enjoy most – encouraging, supporting and serving as a resource for folks like YOU heading to Europe.

Ready to get on my calendar? HERE is a link to the service on my Etsy Shop.

Still have questions? Please email me! Margo@TheOverseasEscape.com

So, what do you think? Let me know if the comments below! I LOVE and welcome any feedback you might have.