Happy Saint Nicholas Day! // 8 Slices of our Christmas Prep Pizza

Happy Saint Nicholas Day! // 8 Slices of our Christmas Prep Pizza

It’s a holiday today in Germany! Celebrating Nicholas of Pyra (now known as Saint Nicholas), known for miracles and giving gifts secretly, the tradition in Germany is for children to leave their shoes outside their door on the night of December 5th to have them filled with gifts. Traveling by donkey, Saint Nicholas leaves sweets and small toys for children that have been good, but if they’ve been bad they’ll receive coal or a rod (ah, how awful!). As it turns out, Dan was a very good boy (ehh… man) this year! Look what was in his boots this morning:


Over the past few days Dan, Stuart, and I have turned our home into our own little Christmas wonderland. Who am I kidding, I’m the Christmas elf around here- I absolutely positively live for this time of the year, especially in Germany! Having the tree up and decorations makes our place SO cozy, I’m loving just hanging out on the couch, Elf on repeat, wine in hand, soaking it all up. Outside the apartment is another story altogether, the decorations around Heidelberg are so charming- lights everywhere, gluwein (hot mulled wine) in the air, the Christmas Markets in full swing. It’s amazing.

Here are 8 slices of our Christmas Prep pizza!

 1. Tree!

We stopped by a tree strand just outside of Heidelberg to get our perfect tannenbaum. As kids, Dan and I both remember going to tree farms back in Virginia and hunting for the perfect tree for hours. Since our space is limited I knew a baby guy would have to do. For 20E we landed this sweet little 2 1/2 foot beauty. We also had a chuckle because the attendant helping us had a name tag that read K.Marht. “Oh ya know, just picked up our tree from K.Marht, then having drinks with J.C. Penney!” (Yes, I realize we are SO corny.)


2. Old School Ornaments

Nothing beats hanging the same ornaments I’ve used my whole life. All of the ornaments on our tree are the same ones that my sister and I played with when we were kids. Did anyone else do this? We seriously spent hours making up a whole world in which all the ornaments were friends! Geh, if anyone is up for it I’d be more than happy to show them how to play. 🙂

HeidelbergChristmas05 HeidelbergChristmas06

3. Candles

I love-love white candles. I would’ve been all set in the 1800s, I loathe overhead lights. Christmastime is Candletime.

HeidelbergChristmas02 HeidelbergChristmas07 HeidelbergChristmas01 HeidelbergChristmas12

4. Stockings

Hung on a makeshift mantle, the windowsill above our electric heater! Is anyone else concerned that our Christmas cheer might burn down our house?

HeidelbergChristmas04 HeidelbergChristmas03

5. Wreath

I made this guy last year and I’m glad it survived the trek. It was so simple – to make the felt flowers just cut 2″ wide pizza-shaped strips, roll from the skinny side out, and use rubber cement to stick it together as you roll. Viola, you’ve got a felt flower! Cluster a few together and add green felt leaves.


 6. Glittery things! Fa la la la!

HeidelbergChristmas09 HeidelbergChristmas10

7. Manager Scene

Yes, my manager scene characters are bears. I promise you though, those are the most holy bears you’ve ever seen. Gotta remember the reason for the season, right?


8. Something you LOVE

A bottle of wine, cookies around the house or one fluffy pup!


And, what the heck, how about a throwback of Stuart’s Christmas card one year ago. 🙂


Happy Holidays, friends!