Coffee, Coffitivity & SALSA

Coffee, Coffitivity & SALSA

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Woohoo! Hooray for Friday! Twenty years ago, I’d be just about to kick back and watch a full evening of TGIF on ABC, funny how right now I’d like to do exactly the same thing.

Linking up with Diaires from an Essex Girl, this is my second time at bat for ‘Daily Dairies’, i.e. stepping away from the travel talk to chat about what’s really going on in my Germanic world. As I mentioned last Friday, it’s been identified that being mindful of the good helps make us be happier people. Hence, these are the peaks of my week. 🙂

With the wedding in mind, I’ve dropped all kinds of delicious, wonderful foods from my diet. As a lifetime member of the clean-plate club, I have serious issues with not finishing a meal or snack in front of me.* Therefore, I’m saying no to even the smallest servings of yummy sugary sweets. Most life-altering (yes..) though, I’ve cut coffee from my diet. For me coffee has always just served as a vehicle for cream and sugar (“blonde coffee” as I call it), so I’ve said ta-ta for now. Instead, I’m drinking Orange-Ginger Tea to add a bit of zing to my mornings. It’s really tasty and definitely has a kick that works for me. Give it a whirl, a guarantee you’ll feel a lot better in the matter of just a few days.

Although I’m not drinking coffee, I’m still experiencing coffee-culture. All day long, in fact. You know that relaxed, productive, feeling you get doing work at a coffee shop? People are around but not distracting you and for whatever reason just as soon as you take a seat you’re in the zone. Welp, enter a free site the streams sounds from a real coffee shop to help out when you aren’t able to get to Starbucks. Studies at the University of Chicago actually prove that low ambient noise improves our creativity, so this hits the nail on the head. I love it and streamed it while at work all day everyday this week. (In no way did the folks at Coffitivity encourage me to make to make this comment, though I do love shedding light on a great service from fellow Virginians!)

Dan and I are wrapping up our week in the best way possible – with a three hour SALSA dancing class tomorrow! Color me ecstatic!

Have a great weekend friends! 

*There’s actually a scientific explanation for our need to clean our plates explained in great detail in the book Salt, Sugar, Fat – How the Food Giants Hooked Us by Michael Moss. During my days in DC I spent a solid amount of time sitting in traffic listening to audio books, this was one of my favorites.