Cha, cha, cha! New Design & New Plans!

Cha, cha, cha! New Design & New Plans!

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Welcome! New theme, new logo, fresh start. It needed to happen and it feels way more organized around here now (though, there’s still a few kinks like post width I’m trying to work out). For those that have been around for awhile, I was toying with the idea of doing a full rebrand but you know what? The bottom line is that this space is my escape and with all my friends, travels, and content abroad the overseas will always work. Yay!

A few things to check out: my new about and partnership pages. Most importantly, I’m hoping to raise awareness for the rescue and better treatment of elephants in India, a cause I’ve personally contributed to for years now, if you’re interested to help out too I’m offering sidebar space in exchange for confirmation of your donation. For more details, hop over here.

What’s this about new plans? Well, we threw in the towel.

While it’s been fun to be home, it’s been totally exhausting. Since returning we’ve criss-crossed Virginia’s highways, stopping in and catching up with just about everyone we love and have missed. It’s been wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but after the nearly month of packing out in Germany, staying on too many different mattresses (some of them air), saying goodbyes and adjusting again to life in the US, lethargy seems like the only thing that’s truly appealing.

Last month Dan and I (sighting that our lack of plans were secretly driving us nuts) used our United airline points to book one way tickets to Hanoi, Vietnam. The plan had been to start in Vietnam, then skirt around monsoon season and sneak down to Cambodia and on to Thailand, Malaysia and finally Bali, Indonesia. Dan had planned the route diligently.

But, at some point last week (more specifically, at 7AM as we were en route to visit more family) we realized that our itinerary just wasn’t appealing. We’re wiped and want nothing more than a bit of stability and rest.

So we canceled our trip.

Instead, we’re off to spend one month in Bali. We have plans to take surf lessons a few cooking and meditation classes but most of all rest. We’ll just stay put and enjoy the black sand beaches, fields of rice patties, and savor the Balinese culture in a slow travel style that’s honestly foreign to us. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Perhaps after unwinding we’ll catch a second wind, velcro up our Tevas (like that visual?) and head north to see the famous temples and beaches that are synonymous with thoughts of Southeast Asia…but for now, it’s a little beachside R&R!