Bloggers vs. Paris: Instagram Edition

Bloggers vs. Paris: Instagram Edition

Paris on Instagram

We came, we saw, we instagrammed. 

Last weekend a few blogger buddies and I had the ultimately blate – a weekend in the City of Light. We drank wine, ate macaroons and finally got to know one another offline. It was perfect. Being the bloggers that we are, aside from consuming French calories (that scientifically don’t count), we took pictures – LOADS of pictures. The fact that none of us were struck by a vespa or baguette delivery truck (the first Parisian vehicles that come to mind) as we absentmindedly j-walked our way through the city, cameras and cell phones in hand, only means that the Bloglovin’ gods were on our side.

Who are these gals, you ask? L-R: Meet Jen, Alexandra, Jordan & Melanie. Yes, they’re the cutest.


This week I’ve flooded my instagram followers with pictures from my weekend of bliss and the gals have done same. Paris is too pretty to hide away in a photo album.

Here are some of my absolute favorite Instagram shots from our group. I also included a map with precisely where they were taken in case you want to try and capture the scene in your own special way!

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Atop the Arc De Triomphe


A photo posted by M A R G O (@overseasescape) on


Point Neuf – Square du Vert-Galant 


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Our Airbnb Apartment 

The view out our window of our top floor Airbnb apartment in Marais. 


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Montmartre // Villa Leandre


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La Cite // Quai de Montebello

(near the Love Lock Bridge)


  A photo posted by M A R G O (@overseasescape) on

Pompidou // Place Edmond Michelet


  A photo posted by M A R G O (@overseasescape) on

Marais // Rue des Tournelles and Rue du Pas de la Mule


  A photo posted by M A R G O (@overseasescape) on

Marais // Arte et Nature – 12 Rue Dupetit-Thouars


  A photo posted by Jordan Beck Wagner (@jordanbwagner) on

Marais // Merci Store – 128 Avenue Jean Jaurès


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