Haribo Gummy Bear Factory Outlet // Bonn, Germany

Haribo Gummy Bear Factory Outlet // Bonn, Germany


Holy Monkeys. Let me tell you about Dan and my love of freaking Haribo gummy bears. Obsession is the only word for it. We refer to the gummy bears in Germany as being ‘fresh’ because they’re made here. Every road trip we grab a bag an inevitably finish it within 30 minutes, only to groan for the rest of the ride about how much are tummies hurt. During our Eurogiving trip last week with our friends Ashley and Bryan, a pitstop in at the Haribo Gummy Bear Outlet in Bonn, Germany was literally our FIRST stop after picking them up from the airport. To all my friends outside of Germany, as much as it pains me to say this, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend making this a designated stopover BUT if you do need to pass through Bonn, will then by all means, get yourself some fresh gummies!

move out of our way kiddies…

Haribo03 Haribo04 Haribo05 Haribo06 Haribo08 Haribo09 Haribo11 Haribo13

Three reasons I like this picture: a. it means Ashley is in Germany b. Bryan is completely photobombing and c. pandas are soo cute so a panda gummy is double cute.

Haribo14 Haribo15 Haribo16

So check out our sweet before and after shots:




Haribo17 Haribo18

Seriously y’all, we love some gummies. Dan had to be very careful not to exceed the purchase limit, 3 kilos!