A Good Ole Barcelona Stroll (+ La Sagrada Familia)

A Good Ole Barcelona Stroll (+ La Sagrada Familia)


If you follow me on Instagram then you got the scoop – a few weeks ago Dan and I snuck off to the land of sunshine, SPAIN, for a week of sightseeing and sangria. Our first stop, Barcelona, did not disappoint. The city is easy to navigate, reasonable and packed to the brim with things to see, eat and do.

Spain_0036 Spain_0037

After tasty and highly caloric pastries and coffee we made our way to La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s famous masterpiece that has been under construction since 1882 (!). You know the one – it looks like a drizzled sand castle. The most contemporary, beautiful and dreamy church I’ve ever visited, I felt as though I was dropped right inside a painting.Spain_0005

This is one of those places that’s too massive to capture. The size and height are simply staggering. I did my best to capture the smaller details but quickly resolved to just enjoy the experience and solitude.

Spain_0038 Spain_0040 Spain_0041 Spain_0042Spain_0039 Spain_0043 Spain_0044

We opted to spend a few extra bucks to climb up, up, up the winding stairs of one of the towering pillars. We choose the pillar that housed the nativity facade for it’s perspective of the city. From the top the sweeping Barcelona views were lovely but being up close and personal with the ornate statues that coat the exterior ended up making it truly special.

Spain_0045 Spain_0046

Then it appears that Dan and I made a deal and shook hands…?

Spain_0047 Spain_0048 Spain_0049 Spain_0050Spain_0054 Spain_0051Spain_0058 Spain_0052 Spain_0053 Spain_0055 Spain_0056 Spain_0057

Beautiful, right?!

Afterwards we wandered the streets of our Airbnb neighborhood ‘El Born’ (definitely recommended as a place to stay in Barcelona by the way!) then headed to Santa Caterina Market for eats.

Spain_0060 Spain_0062

Our favorite tapa? Patatas bravas- oven baked potatoes sliced with zesty seasonings and covered in sauce made of olive oil, red pepper, paprika, chili, and vinegar. Also yummy – anything seafood! Baby octopus and squid, I’ll take it!


Lunch concluded with melt-in-your-mouth AND die-and-go-to-heaven chocolate delights from Bubo, recently voted as the best chocolate spot in Barcelona.


Later that evening, while drinking wine on our little patio and let out a shriek, this little blog of mine reached 2,000 Bloglovin followers! Woohoo, welcome new friends and thank you to my older buddies for following along with my journey abroad! Although I feel a world away from the one that I know, I’ve found an amazing amount of comfort in documenting this crazy expat chapter and having all of you tagging along with me. Hugs, dear friends!


P.S. Are you a Londoner? I’m heading your way next week! Let me know if you have any recommendations or would like to meet up! 😀 Tweet me @OverseasEscape