A Christmas card with an airborne puppy // Alexandria, Virginia

A Christmas card with an airborne puppy // Alexandria, Virginia


Ever since my freshman year of college I’ve sent friends and family holiday cards. I love the tradition of reaching out to loved ones and lining the mantle with pretty pictures and cards from all over the country. Now that we’re in Germany I’m putting this little tradition on hold due to shipping costs. Instead, check out our pictures in Old Town Alexandria from last year that made the cut on our 2012 holiday card – when there was a smaller Stuart, our engagement was a daydream and Germany was just a place on the map.


Our dear friends, Stuart and Whitney, who tied the knot this summer, joined us for the sunny December day. Stuart was actually Dan’s roomie when we first met and has witnessed the growth of our relationship over the years. Apart from his hysterical sense of humor he’s a truly great friend to both Dan and I and we’re thrilled he’ll standing up in our wedding.

Christmas-Schnoodle03 Christmas-Schnoodle04

 Stuart (the guy) patiently took zillions of pictures of Dan, Stuart (the schnoodle) and I running around the park. Initially my thought was that an action shot would be fun, but as you can see it began as a terrible mess of us just running around like fools.


 The sorority girl in me, the classic ‘jumping’ picture came to mind…


Dan lobbied for the run-and-jump, while Stuart protested that he couldn’t jump at all.


Ah! Jump while holding Stuart, brilliant! Almost.




True story – when Dan and I decided to get a puppy, we asked Stuart (the guy) if he’d mind if we named our puppy ‘Stuart’ after the street we lived on. His response: “That’s fine, just so long as you understand that when you call out his name we both might jump in your lap.” Ha!

Fast forward to Spring of this year, Whitney and Stuart decided to get a puppy as well. Stuart sent me a text, “Whitney and I are so excited! We just picked up our puppy ‘Margo’!”

Christmas-Schnoodle11 Christmas-Schnoodle12 Christmas-Schnoodle13 Christmas-Schnoodle14 Christmas-Schnoodle15 Christmas-Schnoodle16 Christmas-Schnoodle17

Whether or not you’re the Christmas card type, I encourage you to make that family photo happen – grounded or in the air, there’s no better time than holidays to look back on the joys of seasons past.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!