6 Things you MUST do in Greece (by Jamie!)

6 Things you MUST do in Greece (by Jamie!)

Hey there! I’m Jamie from Gunters Abroad and I am on cloud nine to be guest posting for Guten Blog Yall! I am an American living in England, sharing mine and my husband’s adventures across Europe. We just returned from a week in Greece and it has proved to be my favorite European destination thus far. So today I am bringing you my list of things that you MUST do while traveling to Greece!

1 | Watch the Sunset
This may seem obvious when you think about Greek destinations such as Santorini but it seemed like all three places we stayed in Greece had fabulous sunsets leading me to believe that the Greek sky is the sunset mecca. Heck, even from the airplane the sunset was stunning. So grab your favorite beverage and find a nice cosy spot to watch. You will find that throngs of others are doing the same thing and the crowds usually cheer once the sun has set. Greek sunsets made me understand why Apollo (the god of Light) was worshipped so!

2 | Go to the Beach
Every Greek beach we visited was completely different! From the different color sands, from rocks to pebbles, to cliff faces and trees…..it was all so amazingly different! Wherever you are in Greece, find the closest beach and marvel at the Aegean Sea. I can’t choose my favorite beach…it’s a tie between Paradise Beach (Mykonos) and Perissa Beach (Santorini)! Both were very relaxing and gorgeous.

3 | Marvel at History
Greece is pretty much considered the birthplace of Western civilization so you know there is bound to be a ton of historical things to do. I was absolutely enthralled by the geologicial history of Santorini. Santorini is thought to have been where the mythical city of Atlantis was lost forever when one of the largest recorded volcanic events occured from the Santorini volcano! Wherever you are in Greece, there will be many interesting historical facts to discover. So get out there and get to exploring!

4 | Drink local beverages
You most likely will be able to find a local winery or brewery to tour while anywhere in Greece. Drink the local beverages, you will not be disappointed. Our favorite beer while in Greece was the Donkey beers in Santorini: Yellow Donkey, Red Donkey and Crazy Donkey. We were quite impressed with their wine as well. And don’t forget, most restaurants will bring you a shot of Ouzo, a liqueur, after your meal, which I found to be quite delicious. So raise your glasses and drink in the Greek flavors!

5 | Take a boat ride
Greece has the 11th longest coastline in the world because of the vast amount of islands. So wherever you are in Greece you are bound to find the sea close by. My suggestion, hop on a boat. Whether it be just a ferry ride or on a sailboat, a great way to get a good look at Greece is from the sea. If you are riding the ferry between islands and you have a fairly long journey, I suggest upgrading to Business Class. It’s usually fairly empty, quieter and much more comfortable!

6 | Be silly and have fun
Greece has been the country that I have felt most comfortable for some reason. It must be the laid back style of the Greek people. Everyone is so genuinely nice and helpful that you can’t help but feel comfortable. So chill out and have some fun!

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Thanks for having me today and happy travels!