2013 in Review

2013 in Review

Looking back on the past year, there’s no question that this has been one of the wildest years of my life. Wild in a great, I-can’t-believe-that-really-happened-but-it’s-awesome, kind of way.  On January 1, 2013 I had absolutely no idea that the path I’d be walking would be quite as jarring as it was. Despite the bumps along the way, I feel beyond blessed and can only hope that 2014 brings continued joy.These are the most memorable days of my year, what are yours?!

Saturday, February 22// New York City

Hanging out with my favorite gals in one of my favorite cities, yes and yes. No matter how many visits, NYC will never cease to impress me. Drinks at a rooftop bar, a broadway show, brunch in the East Village all made for a great weekend.

Saturday, March 16 // Washington DC

A sweaty day, I ran the Rock N’ Roll half marathon with my future sister in law and friends. I can’t wait to run another, running through the beautiful streets and neighborhoods of DC, it was truly fun and I felt great afterwards. For those looking for resolutions, put a half on your list.  You can do it!

Saturday, May 11 // Louisville, Kentucky

A day at Churchill Downs topped by an evening celebrating the marriage of our dear friends. It was so my fun to dress up and play the part of real southern belle. I would love to rock that fastener (a la Kate Middleton) more often.

Friday, May 24 // Arlington, Virginia

ENGAGED! Nothing will ever beat coming home to find Dan on bended knee in our apartment. He’s my favorite person in the whole world and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

Wednesday, June 4 // Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Realizing that my time in the States was rapidly coming to a close, I was able to squeeze in a quick trip to see my grandparents in Milwaukee. They’re wonderful and were so encouraging of my jump to live abroad. It was also pretty entertaining to watch my Grandma crush out a game of solitaire in a matter of minutes.

Saturday, June 29 // Richmond, Virginia

After spending three weeks in Germany prepping for the move I was feeling completely disheveled and anxious about my decision. Hanging out with all the gals again at Emily’s housewarming party was just what I needed relax and enjoy my last month in the States.

Thursday, July 4 // Washington DC

A pirate ship, giant cheeseburger, fireworks in the Nation’s capital and wonderful gals. Such a great day!

Tuesday, July 30 // Washington Dulles Airport

A one way ticket to Germany. My departure from the States was likely the most memorable, what-the-heck-am-I-doing, day of 2013.

Saturday, October 13 // Paris, France

Gourmet food tasting tour with the Langman’s – the best food I’ve ever tasted with the funnest couple ever. This was such a great (and fattening) day!

Saturday, October 26 // Prague, Czech Republic

The most perfect autumn day ever, Dan and I spent the day at the Farmer’s Market and drinking beer at a castle. I couldn’t stop mumbling “this is the most amazing day ever”. I blogged about it here.

Saturday, November 9 // Heidelberg, Germany

After months of packing and unpacking, IKEA trips, general state of in-between-ness, we were finally settled in our apartment in Germany. I blogged about our little apartment here.

Sunday, November 24 // Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Dinner at Restaurant Van Kerkwijk – wonderful food, conversation and drinks. After being apart from our friends for months it was the perfect nothing-has-changed meal.

Cheers to 2013! Have a great night celebrating y’all!