Why TODAY is great.

Why TODAY is great.


It’s Friday, woot woot!


It’s my 28th birthday! At 27 I moved to Europe and got engaged to the best guy ever, I can’t imagine what 28 can bring. I feel so blessed and so excited for the future.


Tonight I’m flying home to Virginia for a week! Wohoo! I’m so excited to see all of my sweet friends and wonderful family again. On Saturday night my family and I are going out in DC. By go out, I mean go out – dancing, drinks, the whole shebang. I love my family for lots of reasons but the fact that my parents enjoy kicking up their heels alongside Liz and I is so awesome. My mom taught Liz and I the fun and joy of dancing as kids. I fondly remember jiving around the living room together whenever anything from Backstreet Boys to Jock Jams was playing. I can’t wait! 🙂
On Sunday one of my bridesmaids is throwing me a bridal shower and all my favorite gals are going to be there. I am sure I’m going to be an emotional wreck but can not wait to get my hands on a mimosa and catch up with everyone.
The rest of the week is going to be a blur of NYE festivities, an engagement shot, and lots of visiting with everyone. I also can’t freaking wait to get my hands on a chipotle burrito, chick fil a sandwich and box of Kraft mac and cheese!
Cheers, y’all! Stay tuned next week for a very special new addition to gutenblog y’all! I think you’re going to love it. 🙂