Why I blog: A message to my fellow bloggers

Why I blog: A message to my fellow bloggers

Hi friends,

Recently I’ve been doing a serious evaluation on this whole blogging business – why on Earth do we do this and what exactly is the end goal? Is this a black hole secretly disguised as a hobby?

Going straight for the fundamentals, I attempted to contrive the actual reason why I am here and who I’m here for. I quickly resolved that this virtual space was to keep friends and family back in Virginia in the loop on our lives overseas. Stuart just looked at me. That wasn’t it. For one thing, my own parents struggle to remember to check the blog much less the web address. I can’t fault them though, Skype and email just work better. So if this space isn’t for them, then who is it for? Why, oh why, do I dedicate hours upon hours tooling around in Lightroom, attempting to solve the SEO riddle, and writing then re-writing posts? I’d be lying if I said that I hadn’t lost sleep evaluating the “voice” of my blog. As an outsider, some may think this is completely nuts. Would all this hard work really be necessary if a quick Skype session effectively gets the same job done?

My second thought was that perhaps this whole charade is for me. In a lot of ways, I think it is. Looking back at old posts from our travels, I can’t deny how proud I am to see the whole thing put together- the words and images detailing our experiences create the pages of a personal yearbook. I appreciate the convenience I’ve created for myself to rehash great memories. Guten Blog Y’all or not, I’d still attempt to document our travels but the blog has encouraged me to improve the degree in which I absorb and capture the experience. The pre-blog Margo most certainly was not reading plaques on statues or carefully reviewing guidance for navigating a museum.

Finally, I came to the conclusion that the blog, and the work that it entails, is mainly about this blogging community and my enjoyment in being apart of it. For me, the blogosphere has become the ultimate source of inspiration and perspective. Over the past year I’ve salivated at dishes coming from kitchens in Michigan and London, and have stepped into the shoes of an American in Iceland, an Australian in London, and a Swede in Paris. I’ve virtually trekked through just about all of Europe and enjoyed the beauty of the beaches in Thailand. I’ve been moved by the photography of bloggers in DC and Brussels. When my homesickness for the US has gotten the best of me, I’ve found comfort in peeking back at life in Dallas, Las Vegas, Portland, and Richmond. Following along with the journeys of fellow bloggers has been like watching a movie, but the characters are real. Watching and learning from others experiences has encouraged me to take charge and make more of my own. Inspired by the photos of my blog-buddies, I’ve surprised myself with how quickly I’ve been able to improve my own photography by truly applying myself. Writing, which has never been my forte, has started to become more comfortable. Although I may have always had an itch for travel, going off the map to experience and share something truly unique has become a priority. Heck, this weekend I even baked a grapefruit (!), went on a solo excursion to photograph a small German village and painted something for the first time since middle school. I’ve made a lifestyle out of trying new things and, unknowingly, I’ve been growing this whole time. Ultimately, contributing to this inspirational space has brought a lot of joy and that is why I blog. For that I just want to say thanks, thanks for your sweet comments on my posts and just for taking the time to follow along with my story. Most importantly, thank YOU for inspiring me.