Girls’ Getaway // Munich, Germany

Girls’ Getaway // Munich, Germany

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It might appear to some that I’m basically living out of a suitcase these days with all my trips. And you’re probably right, with the clock ticking I’m definitely doing my best to keep busy and explore as much as I can before departing. After Dan’s return back to US in late March, I’d quickly eyed Easter weekend as my next opportunity to head off. Two friends and I toyed with various ideas for destinations but with the weather still iffy all over Europe nothing seemed all that enticing. After fiddling on (German railway) for a bit, the three of us were delighted to find tickets to Munich for the weekend for 50E. 

Mapping out our days, we’d all seen the major sights before, (of course, my time being mainly in the Hacker Pshorr beer tent during Oktoberfest) and with a dreary Saturday in the forecast we toyed with a few ideas but visiting the Dachau concentration camp quickly became the priority.

Let me interject myself here because I’m honestly not sure how to broach the subject. As an indicator of my sentiment during the visit: Dan texted while we were touring the grounds and my response, standing outside in cold rain at the time, was “This place is miserable in every way.”. So, I’m going to hold off from discussing the details here but if you have questions about it, feel free to email me.

Visiting the Camp was a thought-provoking experience and especially important for me, an expat living in Germany for an extended period of time. After touring the Camp and taking a long time to reflect, I can honestly say that I found the Holocaust Museum in DC to be far more heartbreaking and disturbing than Dachau. While the main building structures were rebuilt as they once were, the personal stories were not as clearly communicated. I found this to be similar to the Hiroshima Memorial Museum in Hiroshima, Japan, a less emotive and more practical display of the events that occurred. 

After our visit we returned to our hotel and were eager for a change of scenery and energy. My friend stumbled upon a beer tour called Size Matters run from a hostel two blocks from our hotel. Upon arrival, we definitely felt like the old kids at the table but within moments free beers were poured and we quickly befriended the others on the tour, incidentally all females. Fast-forward a few liters of Radler, multiple beer halls, and one long walk back to the hostel where we had started, we were all prosting (“cheers”-ing) like old friends. I had a Hawaiian pizza slice night cap and possibly a gallon of water. (Hangovers in your late 20’s are no joke. Amiright?)

Sunday morning arrived and we joined my dear friend Jen of Lady, Relocated and her Aussie pal for a proper Easter brunch at our hotel. The sky cleared and we strolled through the English Gardens to cheer on the surfers riding the icy Eisbach River. Tying our tourist hats on snugly, we then scooted over to the Hofbrauhaus for an Easter brew, as if it were a thing. After a few hours of chatter with the Dutch men also seated at our table (the best thing about the Hofbrauhaus is meeting other people!), the clock chimed 5 and we reluctantly made our way back to he train station before turning back into the Heidelberg pumpkins that we truly are.

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