Wedding Recap [Photography: Pinterest Wins & Fails]

Wedding Recap [Photography: Pinterest Wins & Fails]



Like every bride these days, prior to the wedding I accumulated a massive collection of wedding ideas on Pinterest. Photography is important to me so I designated an entire board just for poses. A few weeks prior to the big day I shared this board with our photographer, Paul Harrison, and we hashed out what was feasible time-wise. I dropped a handful of impractical ideas. Per Paul’s suggestion, the week of the wedding I sent an email to our wedding party to clue them in on what was going down. Each of the shots below were given names so that there would be no confusion and we could keep things moving along. This worked beautifully. Between sips of champagne the guys and gals quickly gathered for each of the shots.

Think our Pinspiration worked? Actually, don’t answer that. Bottom line, I’m delighted with the pictures and am overjoyed to share them!

1 | “Out of Focus Couple, Wedding Party Snuggle” [WIN!]



Yes, yes, yes. This is such a winner. The lighting, the expressions, the focus, all of it is PERFECT. I love that it doesn’t actually look that staged, the reason being that our group was darn hysterical and constantly cracking each other up. Genuine smiles and laughter here.

2 | “The Brady Bunch” [WIN!]



Wow. I just LOVE how this came out. It helps that our wedding party was a complete riot and absolutely embraced these individual shots. I LOVE IT.

3 | “From Below” [UNDECIDED]




Here’s the bottom line, a picture from below is not an appealing angle whatsoever. Although this came together and Paul compromised his personal space (imagine 14 people crowded over you) I’m just not a fan 100% sold. My Dad affectionately has called me chubby-cheeks my entire life, I think this picture exemplifies this the best.

Naturally, Dan and I had a few Pinterest inspired couples shots that we wanted to happen.

4 | “The Tinkerbell” [FAIL]




It took awhile to figure out the logistics of this picture. What’s actually happening is the couple embraces while a friend runs around them with a sparkler. The shutter is wide open for 15 seconds so the person running isn’t seen. This is great, but our #1 problem was that we couldn’t stop cracking up while our friend Darren huffed and puffed as he ran around us. Not to mention, it was the end of the night and we were already hyper and worked up from dancing, standing still wasn’t easy.

5 | “The Man Toss” [WIN!]




6 | “Bridal Snuggles” [WIN!]




Aren’t these girls THE PRETTIEST?!

7 | “Big Sky” [Undecided]




We just didn’t have the right setting for such a picture. Paul tried his hardest to make this happen but since it wasn’t natural for Dan and I to be posed on the stone wall I don’t think the energy is very convincing. I do however appreciate that the hotel is in the background which adds a bit of interest.

Unplanned WINS | Many thanks to Paul for capturing these moments!

(Apparently I like titling things, so I’m going to keep going…)

“Red Door Delight”


JUST married and very giddy!

“Cracker Barrel Chill”


Taking a break from the party inside, Dan and I were happy to relax briefly in the rocking chairs on the front porch of the hotel.

“Best Wedding Party Ever” (Part 1 & 2)

345_Wedding 352_Wedding

These two may be two of my very favorites, capturing the energy of the group perfectly. We had a WONDERFUL wedding party so we all just had a ton of fun hanging out together. One bridesmaid even commented, “I was kind of bummed when we had to go in for the reception because I was having so much fun with just our group.” 🙂

“Joyous Real Estate”


I appreciate how comfortable Dan and I look together here, plus it’s a nice shot of the front of the Mimslyn. The railing also adds a nice line of sight.

“Twilight Reflections” (now it’s just getting cheesy)


 This is just interesting to me. I don’t think my facial expression makes much sense but I do like how creative this shot is. Dusk on the evening of our wedding was PERFECT (an ideal summer night) and this seems to reflect that warmth.

I’ve mentioned before that Pinterest has greatly affected my travels (i.e. idyllic Hallstatt) but never realized the impact that it’d have on one of the most important days of my life. What about you? Has Pinterest made in difference in the big events in your life?