This one time, we walked to Austria.

This one time, we walked to Austria.

No seriously, it’s true. I walked to Austria.
Let me explain.
While staying in Fussen a few weeks ago, my friends and I were keen on putting a toe in the home of The Van Trapps, Mozart and Schwarznegger. We were so close, we just had to, you know?
Let me back up – we were staying in the sweet little village of Fussen which is all of a few miles from the Austrian border. Here’s a shot from our room sans by post-Oktoberfest face:
Moving on, it was early morning and the clouds were hanging low in the Alpine valleys as we drove south. After ten minutes in the car we came upon a gorgeous, bright blue river and were obligated to get out and survey the scene.
Surely, this was Austria?
Wandering aimlessly (there’s no other word for it) in the woods near the river, we came upon a rather odd elevated pedestrian walkway.
After making our way to the starting point, depositing 4E each, we began to strolling along the bridge.
Whether or not we were in or approaching Austria had not been determined.
From high above on the walkway the forest was just BEAUTIFUL in the mist.
And then, finally, we found the border! Hellllo Austria!
Emily was so overjoyed that she couldn’t stop jumping. (Trying to amp up the drama here folks.)
And then I did this weird international crabwalk.
After an incredibly productive morning (wouldn’t you agree?) we made our way back to the car, delighted with our find.We headed back to our hotel in Fussen to relax for a bit.

The sky cleared-ish and the sun beamed down.Exploring Bavaria later in the day, Dan, my baguette and cheese-obsessed hubby, spotted this adorable little cheese house along the roadside. We promptly pulled off.

Fresh Bavarian cheese, I tell  ya.

The cows were literally out back.Warm, crusty pretzels, straight from the oven. It’s not even right, is it?We feasted like Wisconsinites (I can say that because my Mom is from MKE) and then happily headed back to Heidelberg. Adventurous cheese-mongers is what we were.

 So, here’s an odd question, when is the last time you stumbled upon a border? State or country, borders somehow turn us all back into kids, don’t they? “Look, I’m in two places at once!” It never gets old.