The Most Beautiful Place in the World? Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

The Most Beautiful Place in the World? Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-3

We couldn’t believe our eyes.

As we drove into the small Swiss town of Lauterbrunnen it was unlike anything we’d ever seen before. In traditional Swiss fashion, cross-timbers mark the facades of the village and it’s adorable… but comes standard in the old-country. The village setting is where the magic lies. Lauterbrunnen is positioned along a crystal river in the center of a U-shaped valley with the mighty Alps raising dramatically on all sides. Nearby one of 77 waterfalls pours, seemingly directly on the main drag. It’s an incredible sight. Dan and I initially stopped for a few hours but quickly became so engrossed in our surroundings that we scoured the town for wifi and booked a night the cheapest room we could find (albeit rather pricey but worth every franc). 

Our first day entailed a breathtaking 3 mile walk through the valley in which we passed through pastures of grazing cows (trusting farmers leave their gates open to let visitors cut through) and drank water straight from the river. That night we had a long, slow dinner at hotel in town, not much was said other than rehashing for the 100th time our good fortune in being able to stay. The next day we boarded a wildly scenic alpine train up the soaring Kleine Schidegg and trekked our way down, passing the perfectly picturesque village of Wengen. Wengen, seated at the top of the cliffs seen below, is car-free and only accessible by foot or cable car and left us feeling especially small and moved by the beauty of the world we live in. 

Of course I feel rather presumptuous in calling this place the most beautiful place on the planet, there’s so much of the world I haven’t seen! But, unequivocally Lauterbrunnen deserves to be thrown in the hat. Not far from Interlaken, if you find yourself in central Switzerland you must go.

You must see this for yourself. 

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-7Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-63

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-60 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-24
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-55 

here's why you need to drop everything and go to lauterbrunnen, switzerland

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 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-53 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-46 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-44Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-25 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-48 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-67

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-71 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-32
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-31 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-27 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-23Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-16Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-19

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  Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-15Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-11Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-5

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-4 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-17
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-69Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-42Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-40Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - The Overseas Escape-41

  • omg, absolutely amazing! I adore the first photograph. It looks like a complete dream. Never heard of this place before, but it is definitely added to my bucketlist!

  • LOL at all the goats looking straight at the camera! Actually so are the dog and cow! The animals in Lauterbrunnen are camera ready! Such a beautiful town!

  • This is just out of this world! That waterfall is worth a visit alone! Will definitely save this post for a future visit.

  • Okay. Going here as soon as possible! The shots you took of the city with the waterfall in the background? Out of this world good lady!

  • Fab photography dear! Wowzers. This village is amazing!!

  • Oh my goodness I am SO glad that someone else has been to Lauterbrunnen so I can finally talk about it!!! I went kind of last minute when we went to Interlaken one weekend while studying abroad. We just had the morning there and went specifically to see that one waterfall where you can climb behind it? Not sure what it’s called or if there are multiple since the place had so many waterfalls. But it was actually closed because we were there at the tail end of winter. However, we all fell in love with the charming town, so unassuming, so not touristy, just a true gem. All the houses covered in cowbells and we ran into some little lambs very much like you did. And walking down those roads between the alps, feeling so itty bitty surrounded by the majestic alps!

    Suppppper jealous that you got to stay overnight and spend more time! And while I also have not seen all of the world by any means, I don’t think you are being presumptuous in putting this up there with the prettiest places in the world!

    xo Mary-Katherine

  • Holy cow this is amazingly gorgeous! I’m for sure adding this to my travel bucket list.

  • Chelsea Zinck

    Love it! Reminds me a bit of Muhlbach, in Austria.

  • This place reminds me a lot of Engelberg outside of Lucerne. So peaceful, green, and beautiful. It seems that Switzerland as a whole is just a wonderful place!

  • Wow, how beautiful – I love how it looks like the waterfall looks like it’s just falling into the main street…and how everyone is just walking along like it’s the most normal sight in the world, hehe.

    I’ve never been to Switzerland, these are just gorgeous views though.

    Love the shot of the St Bernard too 🙂

  • Lol, that dog – so cute!! And awww, Lauterbrunnen looks magical! Switzerland is definitely on my list of countries I’ll have to visit.

  • *drops everything to hop on a plane

  • Oh wow. How stunning!! It’s easy to see why you fell in love with the place. My Dad is from a small village on the Italian Austrian border and it reminds me of Pesariis…without the waterfalls 🙂 Thanks for sharing yet another beautiful part of the world. Keep them coming! Anita x

  • I’m planning a trip to Europe next year and Switzerland wasn’t on my list until now! BEAUTIFUL photos — those mountains look stunning, I need to see it for myself.

    If you don’t mind me asking, how expensive was Switzerland? The only thing that makes me nervous about going is that I’ll be on a tight budget and I keep hearing how Switzerland is the best way for me to go broke, haha.


  • Gorgeous photos, Margo. Living in Switzerland, I suppose I take all of this beauty for granted. Nearly the whole country looks like this. No wonder the Swiss love hiking through the countryside — with views like this, who wouldn’t?

  • Mar

    Gorgeous photos, they look like paintings. Those mountains make me want to snap my fingers and be there right now.

  • Wow, how cool! If Switzerland weren’t so expensive, I’d be on a plane right now!

  • Rachel Grove

    No I agree! I went here for the first time in 2011 and just went back this last May and it was even more magical than I remembered. I am obsessed. Love this valley (just wish it didn’t come with Swiss prices) !!!

  • Richard

    Next time you go, try getting the train there and walk back to Interlaken next to the flowing river. Haven’t been to Lauterbrunnen for over 10 years now but it was magical then (as is a lot of Switzerland)

  • This looks absolutely beautiful! Loved reading this x

  • How have I never even heard of this town?! Gorgeous photos Mo Mo xo

  • lifeoftheadventurous

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  • I must say Switzerland is a heaven on Earth. I am interested to visit this region again and enjoy the beauties of this region.Lauterbrunnen is one of my favorite place in Switzerland where I went there after my salt lake city tour. Your shared photos excite me to go there again.

  • The slow pace

    You have to visit the North of Navarra, in Spain. If you love that village you’ll love the tiny village under the Pirenees in Navarra.
    By the way, that dog!!!!!!

  • Gorgeous!! I keep sending you blog posts to my sister, she is spending her summer in Geneva, Switzerland! Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Sigh – what an amazing place!! I’ll probably save exploring Switzerland until I am done with uni and have better travel funds, but until then I love seeing your beautiful snaps! 🙂 There’s nothing better than the great outdoors and Lauterbrunnen just looks out of this world gorgeous!

  • *jaw drops* What a beautiful place! There is no question about it, Lauterbrunnen is officially on my list! Thank you for sharing this hidden piece of paradise in the Swiss Alps.

  • Very gorgeous places and excellent pictueres!

  • Ashley

    I’ll be honest, I got a bit emotional going through this post. My heart just aches to return to Europe and Switzerland is number one on my places to visit. It truly looks like a dream. As always your photos are just gorgeous! Thanks for helping me add another place to go on the list! 🙂

  • Lynn

    I’ve been sorta obsessed with going to Switzerland, and this post has fueled the fire! Any suggestions on where to fly in to get there the quickest/easiest? OMG and love that St. Bernard!

  • Two Small Potatoes

    Even after living in Switzerland for a year, Lauterbrunnen Valley is still the most beautiful place we’ve seen in Europe. It doesn’t even seem real. Beautiful photos!

  • Absolutely stunning, Margo! You are literally living the dream of getting to travel all over the world, which is exactly what I want to do. Obsessed with your blog 🙂
    Much Love,

  • Barb

    Wow, this place looks absolutely amazing! Beautiful photos 🙂

  • OMG it’s stunning!

    xx Leesa & Kate

    Travel inspo?

  • Catherine

    Oh my gosh! I was on your site reading your post about Iceland when this popped up below. Absolutely true… I was in Lauterbrunnen in June, it is probably the most incredible place I have been. A tiny hidden gem!

  • Andrea R

    Great pics! I stumbled onto your blog from Bloglovin. I spent a winter in Murren which is high above Lauterbrunnen – an amazing place to visit! Did you make it to the top of the cliffs?

  • Kelsey Lynne

    Margo, I absolutely adore your blog! Stunning photos and beautiful writing. Two questions for you: 1. Where is your adorable yellow jacket from? 2. How do I find myself a man that will travel the world with me like you did?!

  • Ashley P.

    Hi Margo! I absolutely love your blog and you’ve inspired my husband and I to visit Switzerland next spring for our first anniversary. 🙂 Would you mind telling me what hotel you stayed at in Lauterbrunnen? From what my research shows, there are not a lot of options… Thanks!

  • Louise

    Looking out over the lake from the Swiss side it always seemed to me as the French forgot that there was a lake to build on – and good thing for the Swiss.

    Actually transportation on the French side is not very well developed. It is rumoured that much of the lakeside properties on the Swiss side were originally purchased by mercenaries returning from battle with their booty.

    The best views of the lake for me are from Geneva, Vevey and Montreux.

    A lot of people think that Switzerland is an expensive country but this is not true. Check these Swiss hotels here:

  • Gorgeous!! Would you recommend this town as a good day trip from Interlaken? I’m looking into a Switzerland trip in February, but I’m still deciding where I want to go!

  • Brenda Tate Schmalz

    What time of year did you visit this area?

  • When’s the best time to go to Switzerland in your opinion??

  • Kuma Amarasiri

    I miss swiss and my friends