The Travel Bug

The Travel Bug

Crete Greece-17

While I’d like to credit myself with this insatiable enthusiasm to globe-trot, it’s my Mom that first got the bug.

When I was young she worked as a travel agent in a little cross-timbered office across town. (Retrospectively, a rather odd building for a small town in southwestern Virginia.) On the walls were huge images of exotic places like Florida and Chattanooga. The back office smelt like ink and paper with heaps of brochures and maps piled into seemingly disorganized stacks. While my mom worked, I’d glue together collages from magazine clippings, pretending to be her colleague with an exciting destination to offer our customers. Peeling glue off my fingers, I’d listen as she recounted a destination to a client, painting a wild, dreamy story as she went. Her excitement was contagious to anyone within earshot. Somewhere, far away, waves lapped on an electric blue beach while a school of fish swam through coral just below the water’s surface. What are they waiting for?! 


Two decades later, I’m still creating magazine-clipping colleges but have foolishly substituted scissors and glue with WordPress and a Canon 70d. It was so much easier before! 


from the brochure-making days

Now, as we think about the next chapter of our journey- repatriating back to the US, I can’t help but already feel nostalgic looking back through old pictures and posts from our time here. Wow, we’ve seen SO much! We’ve tapped our feet to a Trad band in a tiny pub on the Dingle Peninsula and powder skied in the Austrian Alps. We’ve soaked in the centuries-old Szechenyi baths in Budapest and gorged on tapas in the Costa Del Sol. Our bucket list stretched for miles but we barely made a dent. But, why? Why did we self-impose a near nonstop pace and allocate all of our disposable income to flights and Airbnbs? Because we love experiencing new landscapes, cultures, accents, foods? 

All that, plus some. I honestly can’t explain that constant urge and excitement to go, go, go. One reason is clear however, we’re just victims! 

The travel bug.




…and I hate to break it to you, but I think somewhere along the way you were bit too- you are reading a travel blog after all! Who got you?

Echo Trails Lucerne-63

P.S. I’m heading to the French Riviera this week to vacation with some of my favorite girlfriends from Virginia! Follow along here and if you’ve got any recommendations please send ’em my way! 😉