The Perfect Saturday – Prague

The Perfect Saturday – Prague


One of my favorite days – ever – in Europe (or anywhere for that matter), was this past Saturday in beautiful Prague. Per the recommendation of our Taste of Prague guide, Karolina, on a bright fall morning we made our way out of the historic old town, down the river to the local Farmers Market and on to the historic Vyšehrad Fort. Oh boy, I didn’t know what we were in for. It’s days like this one that make me feel SO fortunate to have this opportunity to live in Europe.

IMG_1949 IMG_1969 IMG_1963 IMG_1954 IMG_1964

With fresh produce, beautiful handcrafts and even better food- I LOVED it.

IMG_1957 IMG_1980 IMG_1978 IMG_1976 IMG_1982

Really really fresh fish – those little guys were swimming in the tank pictured, scooped out, gutted and skinned to order. Oye!

IMG_1988 IMG_1996 IMG_1997 IMG_2004

Time for a little shopping, first we snatched two of these 1L mugs perfect for goulash hot chocolate!

IMG_2005 IMG_2008

There are not enough adjectives to describe how much I loved this place. After the mug purchase we grabbed this little beauty, a shiny red bowl with three built in legs.

IMG_2010 IMG_2013

After our little shopping spree we continued down the river to the Vyšehrad Fort.

The Fort itself is a church with this gorgeous entry door, more impressive though, are the views from gardens.

I went nuts snapping away pictures, enjoy!

IMG_2020 IMG_2023 IMG_2027 IMG_2030 IMG_2039 IMG_2033IMG_2047IMG_2053 IMG_2049

A glass of Pilsner Urquell, a cute fluffy dog, Fall in the air and a sweet boy made for an absolutely wonderful day!

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