The Path Of The Gods // Positano, Italy

The Path Of The Gods // Positano, Italy

Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-33

My beloved Positano has one more thing to offer! (Yes, I know. I’ve done my share of nagging about my favorite place in Italy, but just bear with me for oneeee last post – the most scenic to date.)

On day 3 of our stay, we got up at the crack of 9 and took the local bus to the nearby village of Priano, just down the coast. Our plan: hike the path of the Gods. A famous, ultra-scenic hike along the coastline teetering high above on the cliffs. All the raving TripAdvisor reviews coupled with our own interests in working off a few cals, it was a perfect day of sweaty picture taking. 

While the path up from Priano was a stair stepper’s daydream, the vertical ascent wasn’t as brutal as it looked. A word for travelers, the route isn’t as clearly defined as I’d imaged and a few times we had to consult google maps to ensure we were in fact heading in the appropriate direction. Here is an awesome map to print/save on your phone in advance. I suggest going from Priano to Positano – the views are better and the trail is far more forgiving. For those looking for a longer route, the path actually starts in the town of Furore and also promises spectacular views.

Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-1     Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-9 Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-5 Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-7Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-6

After about 40 minutes of climbing (the burning quads are actually melting gelato) the trail leveled out, with a far more tolerable grade. At this point the scenic vistas start to unfold, leaving little room for any complaints you may have stirred up during the ascent.

Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-4 Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-11 Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-2

As the path continued to level out, we found ourselves zigging and zagging across the mountaintops. Swerving by vineyards (surely these farmers had some sort of secret elevator?) and centuries-old churches. Most captivating though, were the ongoing views of Positano off in the distance. The mountains of the Amalfi Coast peninsula photo unrolling into the distance.

Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-21 Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-19Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-40    Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-35   Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-34 Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-20    Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-38Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-29 

While the trek wasn’t a breezy beach stroll, I appreciated the workout and (obviously) the dramatic views of the coast. I would’ve easily accepted another steep accent for those views.

Following the path back down to Positano, we were faced with endless switchbacks of steps. Steps on steps on steps. Thank goodness we didn’t choose to go the other direction, it was brutal enough descending. Far below us the sea swelled with neon blues beneath the midday sun.

  Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-32    Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-31Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-42 Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-51Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-46  Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-56      Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-49  Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-45   

In total the hike took us around 4 hours with multiple photo stops and bench rests. Back in town we treated ourselves to pizza and lemon gelato. Well…truthfully, the pizza and lemon gelato would have happened no matter what, but it tasted extra delicious knowing that we deserved it!

Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-57

Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-61 Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-24

Path of the Gods - The Overseas Escape-59

  • Mar

    We stayed in Praiano last month and loved it! I would recommend staying there to anyone because it is such a quiet little town. We were able to do much planning pre trip because my parents surprised us with the trip to Italy, but I wish I had of know about this path. I would have loved to hike it!

    • oh wow, there’s definitely a story there though – your parents just surprised you with a trip to Italy? how amazing! my parents surprise me with chores! ha

      • Mar

        It was a celebration for my dad’s retirement – can’t complain!

  • These photos are stunning! I’m planning on visiting the area next year so I’ll definitely add this hike to my ‘to do’ list xx

    • oh perfect! I know you’re going to love it! Just remember to bring tennis shoes – I saw so people doing it in flip flops and definitely felt bad for them! the rocks aren’t so forgiving, ha.

  • So beautiful! We’ll be staying on the Amalfi Coast for a few days in October – loved your perspective (along with the helpful maps!) on the Path of the Gods – something we’ll definitely consider checking out on our trip!

    • wonderful! where are you staying on the amalfi? I also have a special place in my heart for sorrento! lucky gal, you’re going to have an amazing trip – I’m sure of it!

      • We’ll be staying in Positano at the Hotel Vittoria. 🙂 Your blog has been so helpful, and it’s definitely confirming we made the right choice in locations 🙂

  • Beautiful! Definitely on the bucket list

  • The slow pace

    That water! The color is amazing! We didn’t get to walk that path but one day during our honeymoon, when we were going back from Positano to Ravello, the bus broke and we had to walk all the way to Ravello. It was a pretty hard experience. I was wearing my prettiest sandals. Obviously they gave me the ugliest blisters. Ugh! But the views were amazing! 😉

    • ha! what a story – I’m not exactly envious (those poor feet!) but at least it was scenic and you got a little exercise, right? so that’s a few pluses. ;D

      • The slow pace

        Imagine the epic dinner we had afterwards! 😉

  • This is my kind of travel adventure! That water is so beautiful!

    • it is! I didn’t know water that color really existed… of course Italy would have it. ah, Italy. what’s not to love?

  • awesome photos! I feel like swimming now!:)

    • ha, it’s the least I can do! although I’m in thailand right now (not a humble brag, swear!) the water in Positano might be more vibrant. definitely more refreshing though- it’s like bath water here!

  • Catherine Lux

    Soooo beautiful! I’m just longing to go on a roadtrip around Italy!

    C x | Lux Life

    • a ‘road trip around italy’ – this is a new concept to me and now it’s my life goal. what a brilliant idea. if you need a passenger/luggage handler let me know! ;D

  • Rue Roxanne

    I am in love with Italy, so I’ll need to go here once! One day I want to travel to all the beautiful places in Italy.

  • I totally have starry eyes right now… this is one of my dream hikes!! Such stunning scenery – thank you for sharing, Margo!

    • thanks, my dear! those views were definitely worth every last huff and puff to get up that mountain! 😉

  • Kari Guastella

    We ran out of time before getting to Positano on our last trip. It tops my wishlist for our next one! We did make it to Taormina on Sicily thanks to your recommendation and absolutely loved that town!

    • oh, wonderful! was my post about it something that inspired you to go? if so, I’m flattered! if not, then I’m still super happy you were able to get down there. it’s a special place! ha! 😀

  • Gorgeous! I’m so jealous!

    • ha, thanks dear! I’m jealous of those lucky Italians that have their villas nestled in the mountains and get to see those views daily. ;D

  • Ugh. I’m sort of annoyed by how much beauty and variety Italy has. Hahah! Gorgeous photos and storytelling as always, Margo!

    • ha, I totally agree. I feel like Italy hogs all the fun, food, views, and everything else that travelers love to itself. Geez, Italy, share the love. ;D

  • What beautiful pictures! There’s something so rewarding about knowing you can only get beautiful views like that after all that hard work. I definitely have some work trying to convince my husband to do that if we ever visit!


    • you’re so right – we did a hike in Switzerland to a lookout that could have also been accomplished by taking a train to the top of the mountain. while we summited covered in sweat there were other tourists prancing around in wedges… not fair! ha

  • I wish all hikes looked like this!

    • ha! totally agree. when we first moved to Heidelberg I found a forum that suggested a place about an hour and half away with good hiking. I drove there alone (dan hadn’t moved over yet) and ended up walking around in the dark woods for an hour by myself, half the time concerned that I was going to get robbed or attacked by a bear. when I finally got back to my car I raced back to Heidelberg totally unsatisfied. I also think shouldn’t watch anymore scary movies, ha!

  • Katherine Turro

    Incredible pictures! Positano is one of my all time favorite places <3

    • eck, mine too! for me it’s a tie with Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland as the best town in Europe. what’s not to love! 😀

  • In my mind, I am there right now. Why can’t my body follow suit?? Amazing pics.

  • beautiful photos! there is no such thing as too many photos from Positano- it really is paradise!

    • ha, thanks for your understanding. if it’s possible to be obsessed with a place, then that’s what I am about Positano! ;D

  • It looks amazing! I love your photos! I’ve been to the Amalfi Coast once, but I only had a few hours there, so it was hard to actually do something. It looks like I need to go back!

  • Oh my goodness, stunning! I haven’t been to Amalfi Coast at all… next summer, hopefully!

  • Natasha

    What camera did you use for these photos? And what time of year was it that you went?

  • Pretty AMAZING. My Italy <3