The Brooklyn Getaway // A Gals Trip to NYC

The Brooklyn Getaway // A Gals Trip to NYC

Gals Getaway to Brooklyn - The Overseas Escape

The last time I was in Brooklyn I pretended to be someone else. I donned a fedora (which I had just purchased at H&M in Times Square) and channeled the most laid-back Margo I could find. It didn’t work, I remember it vividly. Ten minutes after arriving to German-style beer hall, I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm for the space. Beaming, I asked a group of patrons if they were done with their table. “You’re not from here, are you?” was their reply. Fail.

A few weeks ago I had to opportunity to return to beloved Brooklyn with an old girlfriend, Tara (you might recognize her from here & here). My mission was a bit different – instead of impersonating a hipster, I’d become foodie. With the weather fairly iffy all weekend, that’s just what we did – ate our way through Brooklyn.

Tara is a DC gal so meeting at Union Station couldn’t have been more convenient for both of us. I had just wrapped up my solo escape to DC so I was full of stories and facts that I urgently needed to share: “Did you know that there was no mortar used in the construction of the Washington Monument? It’s the world’s tallest freestanding structure!”, I rambled as our train chugged out of the station. Poor Tara had just finished a full day’s work.

Brooklyn & Amtrak - The Overseas Escape-1-3 Brooklyn & Amtrak - The Overseas Escape-1

The next morning we rose to notably New York-spring weather: cold rain and overcast skies. Fortunately our plans didn’t involve anything outdoors but rather a caloric feast for the eyes and tastebuds. As is always the case, our morning stroll included coffee and a brief photo walk through the borough.

Brooklyn & Amtrak - The Overseas Escape-16

Brooklyn & Amtrak - The Overseas Escape-3

Brooklyn & Amtrak - The Overseas Escape-4

Brooklyn & Amtrak - The Overseas Escape-2

After the coffee acquisition, we joined Ray’s Food & Walking tours for an educational stroll through the borough including pit stops at some of the tastiest establishments in town. Rain pattering on our umbrellas, our trusty guide Mike led us to an acclaimed pizza parlor for gooey brick oven ‘za, a traditional Mexican street-food style cafe,  and even the flagship Mast Brother chocolate shop. Not only did consume what amounted to a feast, but we all learned a ton about Brooklyn’s complex past as well as the positive and negative impact of gentrification on the community.

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Brooklyn & Amtrak - The Overseas Escape-8

Brooklyn & Amtrak - The Overseas Escape-7
Brooklyn & Amtrak - The Overseas Escape-12

My favorite stop? An absolutely gorgeous coffee shop aptly named Devocion (69 Grand St. @ Wythe Brooklyn, NY 11249). Not only I am a huge fan of their thoughtful, instagram-worthy interior design, the quality of the coffee was truly applaudable. Their business plan is a simple one: offer the finest, freshest coffee possible. Unlike any other roaster I’ve visited, their 100% Columbian beans travel from farm to cup in 10-30 days. The next time you’re in town, be sure to stop by!

Brooklyn & Amtrak - The Overseas Escape-11

Brooklyn & Amtrak - The Overseas Escape-10

Brooklyn & Amtrak - The Overseas Escape-9

Brooklyn & Amtrak - The Overseas Escape-4-2

Brooklyn & Amtrak - The Overseas Escape-3-2 Brooklyn & Amtrak - The Overseas Escape-5

Brooklyn & Amtrak - The Overseas Escape-5-2
Bellies full, the rest of the day we caught up with local friends in a state of lethargy that only indoor-driven weather allows. The next morning we rose late but still with plenty of time to explore before our 12:55PM train home. Outside the sun decided to bid us farewell and we celebrated by taking cheesy pictures along the street (not sure what I mean, scroll to the header image of this post!).

Brooklyn & Amtrak - The Overseas Escape-20

Brooklyn & Amtrak - The Overseas Escape-17 Brooklyn & Amtrak - The Overseas Escape-19

Brooklyn & Amtrak - The Overseas Escape-15

While the subway could’ve whisked us to Penn Station fairly easily, we opted for an Uber which was quick and efficient. Tara’s ride back to DC was a mere 3 hours, whereas rolling back to Charlottesville tagged on additional 2. With lots of food options in Penn Station, we each picked up lunch for the rails and appreciated being able to tot food right on board! (Looking at you, 3oz airline policy!)

Back in Charlottesville, I was notably a bit heavier but couldn’t help but smile thinking back on my Brooklyn weekend. Long are the days of my hipster impersonations, now I’m a full-fledged foodie! Thanks for having me, Brooklyn! 😉

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