For Your Bucket List // Tallories, France

For Your Bucket List // Tallories, France


While in Annecy a few months ago we hopped a ferry and spent a day wandering the lakeside village of Tallories, France. It was early fall and absolutely everything was in bloom. Lake Annecy, renowned for it’s amazingly clean waters (the cleanest in all of Europe, in fact), dazzled with blues against the green peaks of the Alps above.

The most convenient method for visiting Tallories is via ferry. The picture perfect boat dock seals the deal on the charm ahead.

Le sigh, you know where this post is headed…

Tallories_France_Annecy-7Tallories_France_Annecy-5 Tallories_France_Annecy-6 Tallories_France_Annecy-2 Tallories_France_Annecy-8

Strolling to town, we found small motor boats and dinghies bobbing in the harbor, a cute little beach and a luxurious swimming lakeside pool in front of Hotel Cottage Bise.

Tallories_France_Annecy-9 Tallories_France_Annecy-10 Tallories_France_Annecy-11

Moving away from the harbor and up to the village center we passed magnificent clusters of hydrangeas blossoming against old stone walls and vibrant magnolias blooming in window boxes. If my Pinterest world existed, this would certainly my home.

Tallories_France_Annecy-12 Tallories_France_Annecy-14Tallories_France_Annecy-15 Tallories_France_Annecy-16 Tallories_France_Annecy-13

Despite our weekend visit, the town was fast asleep in a delightful french dream. It was just us and breeze. We were surprised to learn that Tufts University actually has a European extension school here. Can you imagine calling this place home? I think I’d become a poet or artist, that just seems appropriate, no?

Heading back down to the lake, we found the public beach and lounged quietly at the beach bar, admiring the scene. At the lakefront there was a lazy whirl of sun worshipers, swimmers, boisterous kids and verrry relaxed tourists.

Tallories_France_Annecy-20 Tallories_France_Annecy-21Tallories_France_Annecy-23 Tallories_France_Annecy-24 Tallories_France_Annecy-25 Tallories_France_Annecy-27Tallories_France_Annecy-22

It quickly became clear that Tallories deserves to be slotted in the same bracket as my other favorite, bucket list-worthy destinations – Positano and Nerja. The three of us (Stuart, Dan and I) could’ve spent days soaking up the bright sunshine and crystal clear water.

Tallories_France_Annecy-26Tallories_France_Annecy-28 Tallories_France_Annecy-17 Tallories_France_Annecy-4Tallories_France_Annecy-29

After what felt like seconds, our ferry returned and we made our way back to Annecy.

So, I’m curious, what do you think? Is Tallories on your bucket list now?