Bucket List: See the sunset in Oia, Santorini, Greece

Bucket List: See the sunset in Oia, Santorini, Greece

National Geographic and others say that sunset in the village of Oia is one of the best in the world. So naturally I needed to see what the fuss was all about during my fleeting island getaway. Take your classic Greek island vibe, dazzling white village perched high atop the cliffs, and a splatter of desolate islands within view and – yeah – I guess I can believe you’ve got the makings of the near perfect spot to end the day. So fantastic, in fact, that it’s commonplace for locals and travelers applaud once the sun dips below the horizon. (Really.)

In preparation for my visit to Oia I reached out to a Charisma Suites, a dazzling new boutique hotel on the far side of the village. Truthfully, I just wanted to see their blissful infinity pool with my very own eyes. I didn’t stay there (price-wise it’s a better fit for honeymooners) but I dropped in for a few glasses of local white wine and cheese. 

From the start, I felt like I tumbled right onto a page of Travel and Leisure magazine. Their sparkling white bar with a 360 degree view of the Aegean Sea, I totally zoned out while Maria and George coxed me to relax on one of the day beds. 

So then I sat there, with this view before me… 

As any good blogger would do though, instead of relaxing, I documented.

(On a related note: we bloggers should coin that logic because I know I’m not the only one. #IdontRelaxIdocument #WhatMeansRelax #DocumentersUnite.. no?)

Maria and George were incredibly welcoming and hospitable, just as eager to show me the property as I was to see it. So after the wine they let me peek into one of the rooms and grab a few shots. While traveling I fumble around constantly searching for wifi so I was amazed to learn that guests here are given a personal phone to use during their stay. Eh! Now that’s luxury.

After my stop at Charisma Suites, I made my way back up into the village towards the famed sunset spot on Oia Castle. With at least an hour until sundown I figured that I had time to kill and wandered aimlessly for a few minutes.

My island-time speed was quickly jarred I drew closer to the center of Oia, an audible stir was in the air. People were already preparing for the sunset – sliding their chairs around, folding obstructive umbrellas, quickly darting to lookout spots. We all knew.

I joined the commotion and scampered up the rocky wall of the old castle, along with a zillion other visitors.  (Note: Apparently the volume of tourists seen in the picture below is only marginal compared to the amount during high season. So shoot from elsewhere if you’re visiting June – September. There are plenty of other spots!)

The following hour was everything it I could have wished for, plus some. I attempted to take the same shot in 10-15 minute intervals as the light changed. I have no idea which is my favorite but, for me at least, it’s very obvious why Oia is so special. 

So, you tell me, which is your favorite?


Civil Dusk:

Nautical Dusk:

Astronomical Dusk: (Shame on me for not bringing a tripod! Sorry!)

With the sun finally below the horizon, applause filled the air and I couldn’t help but feel so darn fortunate to have seen it. 

Note: I was not paid by Charisma Suites for this coverage, I honestly just wanted to see it and share it with you! 🙂

*No, I had no idea what the phases of dusk were called until I just wikipedia’d it. Yay for sounding smart though.



  • I was just thinking how impressive it was that you named the phases of dusk because I had no idea what they were! haha…

    I do think that Nautical Dusk is my fave.

  • It’s always so amazing to see how the colors of the light change so quickly during sunset and sunrise! I think my favorite is the nautical dust, because I love the mix of pink and blue hues. And that hotel really looks like it’s straight out of luxury travel magazine: It’s just so incredibly white!! 🙂

  • emi

    so gorgeous!! on the list!

    xo welltraveledwife.com

  • I loved seeing how the city starts to light up as natural light sinks beneath the horizon. Gorgeous!!

  • Gorgeous! Totally jealous and proof that Santorini lives up to it’s reputation.

    Ps, you forgot the bloggers hashtag #NooneEatFoodUntilPhotosHaveBeenTaken 😉

  • Super pretty, although it’s a bit ruined by all the tourists. Worth the crush, though, it seems for a view like that!

  • Haha I definitely think that #IdontRelaxIdocument should be a thing. Although documenting can be relaxing! I love the photography. Everything looks very clean and minimalist!

    The Runaway Journal

  • After seeing such a beautiful sight like that, I think I’d applaud too!!!

  • oh my goodness, these pictures are incredible! it’s too funny how everyone knows the sunset is coming + where to go for the best angles!

  • Upvote for #WhatMeansRelax – too funny!

  • Veena

    They’re all beautiful, but I think civil dusk is my favourite! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Lauren @BonVoyageLauren

    How am I supposed to pick a favorite?! Also, how is this place real?! Stunning photos. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy travels 🙂

  • Just wow, I would’ve documented every single detail too! I mean, that place shouts ‘take pictures of me I’m gorgeous!!!’. Love this post!

  • The slow pace

    All of them are beautiful!!! I just can’t choose. By the way, love those hashtags!! 😉

  • Julia

    These photos are making me drool!! Greece is a dream come true, and has been on my bucket list forever. So jealous, yet so happy for you and that you hd a good time 😀

    And yeah I always need to document everything, literally I’ll be sitting and reading a book, and will wonder, “hmm, how can I style this into a shot?” haha 😀

  • A-ma-zing photos! Looks like a total dream


  • Wooooow. Those pictures are breathtaking! That’s an absolutely killer view, and I love the architecture. Especially that tiny pool like a jewel set into the hillside. That’s certainly a special way to spend a sunset!

  • Selma // The Little Black Case

    Your pictures are just amazing! You make me want to jump on a plane to Greece right away 🙂

  • Well this was on my bucket list already but now I definitely need to move it to the top! Oia looks so beautiful and that sunset is incredible! Also the hotel looks like paradise, I definitely think before I go I’ll need to scrape the pennies together so I can stay just one night! Ps love your trousers 🙂

  • How lovely! You are always able to find the most photogenic places…although I think you are just a great photographer! Enjoy your time in Europe and maybe we’ll me in the states!

  • Gorgeous photos, Margo! Sounds like you had an amazing trip, and I hope you were able to take a break from documenting it and enjoy the beautiful scenery. I’ve *almost but not quite made it* to the Greek islands for the last two summers. Maybe three times will be the charm for me (fingers crossed).

  • Oh my goodness, this is all just so, so perfect! When I think of Santorini, that is the iconic photo I think of – how cool that you got to be there and experience it! It is so hard to pick a favorite, but if I have to say, I would choose “civil dusk.” I just love the soft rose colors!

  • God you got some goooood photos! So glad you got to experience it for yourself! xx

  • Sheesh, gorgeous! Santorini has been on my bucket list forever, I’m not sure why we keep “skipping” over it when we plan trips to Europe. You are making me want to go like NOW!

  • Wow, what gorgeous photos! I can’t wait to visit Santorini one of these days!

  • The sunsets are truly magical! Thanks for letting me reminisce through your beautiful pics 🙂

  • What an amazing way to spend the day. I want to take my husband to Santorini for his 40th birthday so I need to get on researching that. Your post has definitely set my mind wandering in that direction.