Going Solo to Lucerne, Switzerland

Going Solo to Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne, Switzerland-4

On the 3 hour drive from Heidelberg to Lucerne I was incredibly nervous. I’d traveled solo for work a zillion times, but a solo leisure trip? Never.  I’m a classic extrovert that finds comfort in being around people and when given too much space, I get in a funk. It’s not that I need to be actively engaging with others, but just being around people. Are you the same?

I had packed my bags and took off for Switzerland straight from work. Cruising the autobahn I gave myself a little pep talk, listened to podcasts and after a quick 3 hours was driving slowly in the pedestrian zone of Lucerne’s Old Town to the gorgeous Hotel Des Balances. 

Settling in to a room all my own, I made an audible squeal. I realized that the weekend was absolutely whatever I wanted to make it, and that was so exciting.

But first, let me take a…

Lucerne, Switzerland

(Oh my gosh, I’m that girl.)

With the Friday afternoon sunlight streaming through the city, I grabbed my camera and made my way along the river towards the lake. 

Lucerne, Switzerland-6Lucerne, Switzerland-3 Lucerne, Switzerland-15 Lucerne, Switzerland-5

You know that point in the evening what it gets super quiet? This was then. The soft murmur of chattering locals lounging along the lake shore seemed to compliment the cloudless sky. Peaceful and calm, it was Swiss bliss.

Lucerne, Switzerland-7 Lucerne, Switzerland-8 Lucerne, Switzerland-9 Lucerne, Switzerland-10

Meandering without a destination, I strolled slowly across the Kappelbrucke – Europe’s oldest covered bridge dating back to 1333 (!) while the swans paddled below.

Lucerne, Switzerland-13 Lucerne, Switzerland-14Lucerne, Switzerland-16 Lucerne, Switzerland-17 Lucerne, Switzerland-18

With the sun throwing color into the Spring sky, tables began to fill with hungry diners. Seeing the bright pinks and oranges, I shelved my appetite (an absolute no-no had Dan been with me!) and surveyed the scene along the river.

Lucerne, Switzerland-19

The swans were in on the secret. Sundown in Lucerne was something special and we all grew quiet with anticipation of the moments to come. The city, with it’s crystal clear river and centuries of charm, is positively serene at dusk. And here I was, some gal all by herself from a continent away, lucky enough to get to embrace it too. 

Lucerne, Switzerland-12Lucerne, Switzerland-11

Opting out of a structured dinner, I grabbed street food (a yummy chicken schnitzel sandwich) and a mini-bottle of red wine from the grocery store and found a spot on a bench by the water. 

My curiosity and I took a stroll along the old walls of the city then tucked into clean white sheets before the clock hit 10PM.

It wasn’t wild or crazy but it was perfect.

Lucerne, Switzerland-20 Lucerne, Switzerland-22Lucerne, Switzerland-21 Lucerne, Switzerland

Cheers to solo travel.

…more to come.