Soaring up the Stanserhorn // Stans, Switzerland

Soaring up the Stanserhorn // Stans, Switzerland

07_CabriO_StanserhornIf it’s not obvious, I’m kind of nuts about being outdoors. Kayaking, hiking, biking, these are the things that make me happy. Wine too, that’s also a winner. During my recent visit to Lucerne, Switzerland I had another idea on my mind – hop a cable car up the mighty Stanserhorn. Not just any cable car though, I wanted to try their new OPEN AIR double-decker Cabrio Cable Car. Yes, really. The only one of it’s kind, there’s room for 60 visitors and a winding stairwell in the middle – it’s pretty much the ultimate mountain ascent. 

Arriving in Stans, I quickly became queasy thinking about the open air and heights ahead.  

Stanserhorn Switzerland-1

A multi-step process to get to the mountaintop, the first step in the journey is an adorable one, an old-timey train through the rolling Swiss hillside to the base of the cable car. 

Stanserhorn Switzerland-7Stanserhorn Switzerland-4Stanserhorn Switzerland-32

A quick transfer to the cable car and all anxiety quickly subsided as I was overjoyed by the unobstructed 360 degree views of the valley and Lake Lucerne. While the car smoothly and rapidly climbed towards the peak, I darted around the top deck snapping away all the pictures I could. 

Stanserhorn Switzerland-9

Switzerland is SUCH a beauty, isn’t she?

Stanserhorn Switzerland-12Stanserhorn Switzerland-11Stanserhorn Switzerland-29Stanserhorn Switzerland-14

Feeling as though I should check on the situation below, mid-ascent I descended the winding staircase to see everyone equally mesmerized by the scene… with the added comfort of thick glass between them. 

Stanserhorn Switzerland-31Stanserhorn Switzerland-1302_CabriO_Stanserhorn

After a lightening fast 6 minute ride, I arrived at the top to find the Stanshorn’s huge mountain top restaurant and pavilion. Covered in snow but wonderfully mild, the air was invigorating. Inside the restaurant, visitors can take a seat on the revolving floor for truly endless Alps views. I opted for a table al fresco (always!) and chowed down on hot Alpermagronen (Alp Macaroni), fancy-schmancy mac and cheese.

Stanserhorn Switzerland-15Stanserhorn Switzerland-21Stanserhorn Switzerland-28

After lunch, I spent almost an hour exploring the observation deck, scouting not-so-nearby peaks. Mount Eiger and Jungfrau were clearly visible despite the 3 hour drive that separated us.

Stanserhorn Switzerland-16 Stanserhorn Switzerland-23Stanserhorn Switzerland-22Stanserhorn Switzerland-17Stanserhorn Switzerland-18Stanserhorn Switzerland-19Stanserhorn Switzerland-24Stanserhorn Switzerland-20

With the sun beaming down on all that Swiss beauty I was such a happy clam. 

Stanserhorn Switzerland-25

After my Alpine photo shoot, I boarded another Cabrio car and wizzed my way back down to the base of the mountain. I boarded the cogwheel train and scooted back to Heidelberg so quickly it was like my lunch on the mountaintop never happened. An easy-peezy outing from Lucerne, I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone in the area.

Stanserhorn Switzerland-10Stanserhorn Switzerland-3