Screaming like a Baby // Black Forest, Germany

Screaming like a Baby // Black Forest, Germany


After our glorious night in the Black Forest village of Schonach (in which I slept almost 11 hours!), hike around the Triberg waterfalls and Black Forest cake feast (here), we set our navigation to take us back to Heidelberg.

First though, we needed to make a quick stop to scream our lungs out.

Enter – Sommerrodelbahn Gutach, or “summer toboggan run”. Mousing around the Black Forest map on Trip Advisor (I do this everywhere we go) I was excited to find something with 36 reviews averaging 4 1/2 stars. Who cares whatever Sommerrodelbahn Gutach was, we were going. If the people like it, we’re going to like it.


As it turned out Sommerrodelbahn Gutach, was a huge win. Yes, I do lovvve some roller coasters. One time Dan and I got fast-paces with friends at Busch Garden’s and literally (well..) gave ourselves minor concussions from riding too many rides. And if you were wondering, yes, I’m a vocal rider.

The jest is pretty simple. Unlike typical roller coasters where you sit back and enjoy (fear) the ride, on this route you actually control your own speed with hand brakes. It’s fair to be concerned that another ride might slam into you, or vice versa, but somehow that doesn’t seem to happen. As you are locked into your cart, loosely, I might add, the belt below the track latches in and takes the cart up a steep incline to the top of the course. Once there you’re set free to wind your way down at whatever speed you feel comfortable.


Looking up the mountain, I beside myself with excitement and nervousness. Meanwhile, cool-cat Dan calmly stated “I’m not using the brakes.”… and he didn’t.


Like, reallllly excited. That’s a Christmas smile you see there.

Black-Forest-Rollercoaster-4 Black-Forest-Rollercoaster-5

Warning: Unless you’ve been to a Beiber concert in the past day, love the phrase “Oh boy!”, or live beside a construction zone, please mute this. Please. This isn’t how I want my first impression to be. I swear I’m not this annoying. Swear.

Fun. It was so stinking FUN! Whenever I’m back in that neck of woods, I’m absolutely going again. And I might even let go of the brakes!

Afterwards, Dan and I let Stuart out for quick run around the fields near the parking area. He was all too excited for his leash-freedom and ran his little heart out in the warm sunshine. It was the perfect little pit stop.


Have you ever taken part in any roadside attractions? Any ‘South of the Border’ fans out there?