Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

On the flight home following my three week visit to Heidelberg in June, I knew I’d be returning sometime soon but unsure of the scope of my turnaround time. My manager suggested that I’d be returning within two weeks and others hoped I’d be back before Fall. During the interim I supported my colleagues remotely and prepped for life abroad. My time in Arlington stretched from 2 weeks to nearly a month and half, allowing for a long longgg bittersweet farewell to friends and family. To start, I’m horrible/awful/pathetic at goodbyes. I always feel like I’m either too cheesy or passive and can’t find the right words to say. Word vomit then afterwards wondering to myself, “what’d that even mean…?”. Eck.  My friends took my delayed departure in stride and spoiled me by doing EVERYthing I wanted. “Margo wants to go to Eastern Market, we will go to Easter Market tomorrow even if it’s 1000 degrees.” “Margo wants to dance tonight, by God we will go somewhere with good music.” A zillion happy hours, a nats game, multiple cookouts, pirate cruises, pool parties, so many yummy dinners and one trip to IKEA. My friends (especially of the Cronie persuasion) are the best and treated me to a 6 week birthday. I crushed my DC bucket list and had a blast doing it.

I miss you guys everyday and love you all to tiny pieces. 

 Annapolis with lovesIMG_9415

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A rainy, messy, silly little picnic.IMG_9515  IMG_9537 IMG_9535 IMG_9524 IMG_9520 IMG_0168 IMG_0177 IMG_0153 IMG_0183

Ashley’s absolutely wonderful and thoughtful engagement gift!

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Little Tura was a sport at IKEA. Notice the jumbo DC print for Dan’s office!IMG_1924

My sisters.