How To: Quickly Acquire Royal Subjects // Hue, Vietnam

How To: Quickly Acquire Royal Subjects // Hue, Vietnam

Hue, Vietnam - The Overseas Escape-16

“This one time, when I was a royal empress…I acquired a royal subject in less than a minute.”

Our time in Hue was brief, very warm, but enjoyable. We did a moderate amount of sightseeing, met an incredibly inspiring young lady (read that story here) and spent a few minutes as royalty. Normal.

At the 19th century Citadel in the city center, visitors can pay around $2 to dress up in traditional dress of the emperor and empress. It’s amazing, for me at least. (You know those shops at the beach that take pics of you dressed up in old-timey clothes? I LOVE that stuff.) So, of course, I immediately signed Dan and I up to play dress-up, despite the high humidity.

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I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I’m not super-active on Facebook but during our trip I did share a few photos, this first obviously one of them. While waiting for our photoshoot, I flicked record on my camera and also took this quick clip. Bare in mind that this was definitely not intended to be on the blog and I’m a very cheesy person, but I learned EXACLY what to say to quickly acquire a royal subject. Wait until the end and make of it what you will. 😉

After exploring the Citadel a bit more we opted for pedicabs back to the hotel to shower (yes, midday showers were a must) and continue on our tour of the city.

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We then set out for the Tomb of Ming Mang and the Royal Tombs, both of which were astounding in size and beautiful. We were given a tour by a chatty local guide, Hero, that we met at a pub the night prior and joined him and a friend for lunch at their favorite spot. Have you ever had a Vietnamese hot pot? NO!? Please proceed to your nearest Vietnamese restaurant and give it a go. A boiling menagerie of spices, veggies and a meat set right on the table. The youngest at the table serves everyone, as-is the local custom, and you dig in. (And if you’re me, then you’re eating with reckless abandon.)

Hue, Vietnam - The Overseas Escape-2  Hue, Vietnam - The Overseas Escape-4Hue, Vietnam - The Overseas Escape-1 Hue, Vietnam - The Overseas Escape-5 Hue, Vietnam - The Overseas Escape-6 Hue, Vietnam - The Overseas Escape-7 Hue, Vietnam - The Overseas Escape-9

Admittedly, this wasn’t my A-game with regards to documenting our time in the city. Hue is a wonderful city with a ton to offer travelers, especially history lovers. The heat got the best of me… and, after all, I was a royal empress- who was I to lug around a camera?

>>Heading to Hue? I’m happy to pass along Hero’s WhatsApp # if you’re looking for a fun local guide! Email me:

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