Photo Diary: On the streets of The Eternal City // Rome, Italy

Photo Diary: On the streets of The Eternal City // Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-57

This was my summer in a suitcase. I was insanely lucky that a bunch of visitors came our direction (Germany) and as a result I got the chance to visit all kinds of beautiful places that I’d always dreamt of seeing. One of those places was The Eternal City, Rome.

If there’s one thing you should know when traveling with me, it’s that I’m nuts about a good ole fashioned photography walk. I typically go alone, around the 3rd day in a place, and just walk, and walk, and walk some more. I’m a very spatial person so my mental map and I take a lot of pride in not getting lost, though it does happen. Typically it’s a few Pinterest searches that lead me to areas that I feel are most picturesque but often times it’s the passing advice from other travelers or locals.

After a lot of touring the previous days (behind the scenes of the Vatican and a food tour in Trastevere) I took reprieve in a summer afternoon alone in Rome. Part way through I followed my nose to a pizza then continued on my quiet journey.

Here is the result:

Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-4

Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-6 Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-45
Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-7Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-44Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-8Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-21Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-42Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-22Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-23Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-27Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-32Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-36

Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-48 Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-37

Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-38Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-46Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-47  Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-49Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-41 Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-50

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  • Stunning photos! Rome’s great! I’ve been a couple of times:)

  • I was in Rome this summer too! It’s such a photogenic city. I took so many photos, I ended up creating four separate blog posts because I couldn’t decide between them.

    • Yes! I have another post coming with Rome after dark shots but my pictures are so scattered throughout the city I couldn’t figure out how else to break them up other than two giant posts! 😀

  • Was there last November-such an amazing place. The Pantheon was my fav.

    • me too, girl! I had such a hard time taking pictures inside there but I absolutely love the building. It’s incredible.

  • 😀 Loving these photos! Also makes me want to go back… and eat my heart out. haha I miss Italian food.

  • Mar

    Stunning photos. I would love to go back!

  • These are such lovely Pictures. I was recently in Rome and seeing these pictures makes me wanna pack my backs and head back. As always – awesome post.

    • thanks sweetie! well, if you need to go back to Rome, then I think you should do it! Ya know, for a little further investigation! ;D

  • Oh my goodness, Rome looks so beautiful! And that pizza looks delicious!

  • Kayti Clayton

    I’m visiting Rome in early June and I absolutely can’t wait after seeing these photos. Love the one of the flower truck bustling along down the alley. So great!

    • Thanks, Kayti! I tried to Instagram that picture too but too many of the details were lost in the cropping. I really love that one and was lucky that I was able to grab the shot as he zoomed by!

  • Such an incredible place and your photos are beautiful!

  • Setiyeti
  • Randy

    I went to Rome this Summer and absolutely love it. Coming from NYC, it felt like home but with so much more history and wonderful places to eat. Awesome pictures. I think I even recognized the Osteria Del Gallo.

    • Thanks so much, Randy! It sounds like you’ve spent a fair amount of time in Rome then? I absolutely loved Trastevere during my visit and would definitely love to go back and spend my entire time there!

  • Absolutely stunning photos!! I’ve only been to Rome in the winter and the really early spring/end of winter so I am now convinced I need to go in the summer time!!! I already emailed this link to Matt and told him we need to plan a trip 😉

    xo Mary-Katherine

  • Those narrow streets (and especially that pizza) are calling out to me! 🙂

  • What a beautiful city! It’s a shame some of those streets have terrible graffiti on them, but oh my I would love to walk down some of those little alleys. I love that you go on little photo walks! It’s such a great way to explore a city and capture some moments and things that a lot of tourists don’t see – mostly because they are too busy visiting the “main attractions”. It’s meandering through these little side streets that are my favorite as well 🙂 You are so lucky to have visited such an incredible city – I hope I am able to visit some day as well!

    • totally agree – sometimes just taking it easy and doing nothing but strolling with a camera is my favorite thing to do in city, especially Roma! I didn’t even notice all the graffiti until you pointed it out. I think it’s that dirty beauty that makes it so appealing!

  • Rome is the perfect place to walk around snapping pictures, it is one of the most beautiful cities ever! Your pictures are amazing! You should do a editing how to or tutorial, your skills are awesome!

    • thanks so much, dear! Quick question for you regarding an editing course, do you think people would be interested to see what I do in Lightroom? I’ve always considered it but didn’t know how many people use/pay for that software. 🙂

  • But seriously, I want that dress! 😉

    • JCrew Outlet online, girl! I had a hay day ordering things summer 2014 and am still circulating in things I forgot I ordered. ha!

  • Rome has been one of my favorite places to just ramble and take photos. There seemed to be a new and beautiful scene around every corner.

    • Absolutely, I think that’s why Rome is such an appealing destination. It’s exotic, beautiful but also really authentic and raw. It’s wonderful!

  • I love your photos! I can feel the sun and smell the pizza from here 😉

  • Your photos are beautiful! My favorites are the one with the flowers in the truck and the one at Piazza Navona. Gorgeous!

  • Natasha

    WOW I need to know what camera you use!