Photo Diary: Storms in the Eternal City // Rome, Italy

Photo Diary: Storms in the Eternal City // Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-15

It was near-silent. We each felt a sudden and distinct sense of urgency as the wind blew us on our bikes down a cobbled one-way street. A tornado alarm could have sounded and I wouldn’t have been surprised (read: sometimes I’m guilty of being a bit dramatic). The midday sun become quickly obstructed by dark, angry clouds as we parked our bikes under the eaves of a cafe and ducked inside.

Just like everywhere else, Rome is prone is angry, albeit brief, summer storms. Instead of mopping under an awning like kids at the neighborhood pool, we were in a cozy cafe with plates of fruita de mar (seafood marinara) with homemade pasta and fresh, still slightly salty, mussels and shrimp. Only in Italy does the silver lining of a disruptive afternoon storm compete with the original plan.

Eventually the storm passed and the city resumed it’s vibrance. We pedaled along the riverbeds, passing the Vatican, through the quiet neighborhood of Trastevere, and down the streets of centro historico after dark. All the while I teetered on my bike, snapping away these shots with my weighty DSLR. Dan warned me repeatedly, “Margo you’re going to drop that!” but I dismissed this comments. Anything for YOU, dear friends! 😉

Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-14Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-17Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-18Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-27Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-57Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-49Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-67Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-61 Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-66Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-64Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-60Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-68Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-76Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-71Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-77Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-75Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-78Rome, Italy - The Overseas Escape-79

Additional Note: I’m currently visiting my grandparents in Milwaukee right now. I asked my 86 year old Grandma (who, I should add, is making me go to the gym with her this morning!) for her  tips on traveling to Rome, she shared: “Just make sure you tell people to wear good shoes. You’ll walk and walk. Sometimes it can get chilly at night, so bring a light jacket. If you get tired from all that walking just stop and have a cappuccino!” Thanks, Carol! 🙂

Have you ever had inclement weather derail your travel plans? What happened?

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  • “Only in Italy does the silver lining of a disruptive afternoon storm compete with the original plan.” <– Love this! What a great sentence and sentiment 🙂

    Also, random Q – your posts are showing up as text-only (no photos) in feedly this week. Is this a side-effect of your new WordPress theme?

    • Ignore this! Must’ve been a fluke as your post today was all back to normal in feedly.

  • Love this post and the gorgeous pictures! We just returned from our big Europe trip, and because of the time of year we chose to go (January – March), we definitely had lots of bad weather to compete with. But, we just decided that if it rains, we were going to pull up our hoods, and if it was freezing, we’d bundle up and keep our original plans anyway, and it was a fabulous time. By the way, we used a lot of your blog post recommendations on our trip! 🙂

  • The slow pace

    Your pictures are gorgeous! We might be going to Rome this year…fingers crossed. It’s just an initial plan with a friend but I hope it becomes a reality!

  • great photos! I missed these kind of posts:)

  • Ooh have fun in Milwaukee! Kinda love that itty-bitty city! (Great photos, as always)

  • Love your sweet Carol! Haha! And Rome is absolutely one of my favorite cities… ever. <3 As for tough weather, we actually came to appreciate a cute little town in Japan even more in the rain! It adds a layer of romance.

  • Terri Lemos

    Your pictures are beautiful! My husband and I did our first trip to Europe in 2012. I fell in love with Italy. Charming Venice with her bridges and canals, Florence, and it’s amazing art around every corner, and fabulous Rome. I cried when I first saw sight of the colosseum, looming at the end of a narrow street.
    Each summer since, I’ve convinced my hubby to return to another European country. We’ve now traveled to London, Paris, and Cologne, (we flew out of Dusseldorf, just so I could visit Cologne.) We returned another year to Portugal, visiting Porto, Coimbra, Sintra, and of course Lisbon. Last year we switched it up to Canada, and enjoyed Montreal and Quebec. However, I wanted more of Europe, and I’m happy to say that I just booked tickets yesterday, to Spain! So, I will continue to read your blog for all your inspiring stories, and great tips, and especially to gaze into your photo’s, and imagine that it is I, pedaling a bike down those cobbled roads! I envy your adventures, and thank you
    for a great blog!

  • Carol is brilliant :).

  • I spent a week in Rome this summer and couldn’t stop taking photos during the day and at night (isn’t the Vatican gorgeous after dark?). Here’s my black & white photo tour of Rome in case you’re interested:

  • Wow, amazing photos as usual!

  • Love the pictures, they bring back great memories!
    I worked in Rome for a few months and fell in love with the city. I was there in winter and even though it got quite cold and rained regularly… that city is always beautiful! And because of the rain I often had the streets to myself… absolutely perfect! 🙂 Good to see you mentioned, Trastevere; a must visit for anyone who wants to see a beautiful, slightly off-the-beaten-path part of Rome.

  • Lauren @BonVoyageLauren

    You had some good food to keep you company! What a great way to wait out a storm 😉 These photos are absolutely gorgeous, I’d love to return to Rome.

    Happy travels 🙂

  • Kari Guastella

    We had some intense but short storms when we were in the Caribean. They really added to the tropical feeling. One happened when we were hiking up the Grand Piton on St. Lucia & we were slipping on the rocks, holding onto tree roots as we climbed!

  • I love your photos so much! Italy is one place I want to go so badly and very soon! Rome looks beautiful.

  • Izzy

    Definitely helping me choose where my weekend break this summer will be! 🙂 beautiful photographs!

  • Gorgeous!!!

  • Nat Bottacin

    I had rain while I was in Venezia… It rained hard while taking the gondola ride. I thought the gondola was going to tip over but those gondolieri know what they are doing and he took us around town like nothing was going on weather-wise. Of course I wasn´t able to take my camera out of its rainproof bag so I missed lots of awesome shots… (note to self: must go back to Venezia pronto!!!) Also it rained badly when I was in San Marino. We had to go back to the bus because we couldn´t see a thing because of the rain and the heavy clouds.

  • Ahhh, Rome will always have a place in my heart! Possibly one of my favorite cities in Europe. Love love love their food and architecture! <3 Great shots!

  • What a beautiful city! I can’t wait to visit one day!

  • The Sunday Mode

    The last time I was in Venice it was raining with thunderstorms and lightning, and we were only there for the one day!

    Beautiful photos, they really capture the essence of Italy and make me miss Rome.

  • Beautiful words and images! I really enjoy your photo diary posts 🙂 Rain almost ruined a few hikes in the high country of Peru, but we were prepared so it wasn’t too bad. I just wish we could have stopped for a cafe con leche!

  • Becki

    I always love your photos, but these are especially beautiful!

  • Wow, beautiful photos! 🙂

  • Great photos! We were in Rome just this past winter. It’s so lovely in the summer. You capture it beautifully.

  • Wow! Rome wasn’t on the top of my list of places to go, but you have me reconsidering it!! Beautiful pictures!