Photo Diary: Rethymno, Crete

Photo Diary: Rethymno, Crete

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I ended up in the small town of Rethymno, Crete only by chance. Between the persistence of a front desk associate at my hotel in Chania, convenience of a stopover en route to the Herkalion airport (the largest on the island), and a casual “oh, alright”, there we were in a little Cretian seaside village seemingly stepping right into the heart of a modern-era Greek island community. Being totally honest, my short visit entailed a quick, unmemorable lunch and a lot of picture taking. I couldn’t get enough of the picturesque alleys that jutted from the main pedestrian artery through town.

Our visit ended with coffee by the tiny harbor and a long chat with the waiter who shared his take on tourism in the town. Apparently this little harbor is a popular stopover for summer sailing charters, the local population raising and falling in cadence with the tourists and a handful that still fished year-round. Once again, I was struck by the absurd clarity of the water in the harbor. Supposedly it’s common to see octopus skim across the bottom, feasting on crabs and small fish. I looked but only saw a large school of glimmering fish. The waiter handed me a slice of crusty bread and 15 minutes quickly flew by while I tore off pieces and watched them slowly dissipate into their hungry mouths. 

Two hours passed as we made our way back to the rental car and onwards to the airport. While I can’t recommend trekking the globe to see this little village, just remember that sometimes it’s the unplanned stops and conversations that can leave the greatest impression on a journey – whether it be on a Greek Island or the next town over. 

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When’s the last time you stumbled upon a place that was unique or beautiful?