Photo Diary: Postiano, Italy // Slowing down on the Amalfi Coast

Photo Diary: Postiano, Italy // Slowing down on the Amalfi Coast

Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-67

From the start I knew where we had to go – the most beautiful town I’ve ever visited, Positano, Italy. At that time it’d been a year since my previous visit, a fleeting lunch stop while doing work in nearby Naples. The stop had left such an impression though that I knew of all places in Europe for my in-laws to see firsthand, Positano was one of them. Our vacation together had been penciled way down on the calendar in the unimaginable month of May 2015. It had been forever away.. then with a hop, skip and expat jump and we were there.

We booked our flights down from Frankfurt to Naples and arrived around 11PM on a Friday night. It was absolutely pouring rain throughout the winding drive so upon arrival to Hotel Pupetto we were all more relieved than anything. “Just wait until the sunrise..” I promised for the 1,000th time. “…you’re going to love it.”

Our visit coincided with an absolutely unpredictable hodgepodge of late-Spring weather. During our four night stay we welcomed and basked in bright warm sunshine, zipped our jackets to keep out the chill, and camped out in our hotel while torrential rains rumbled by outside.

Upon the weather’s request, our daily agenda was immediately skewed in favor of the clear skies that our weather apps naively anticipated. “But my phone says it’s sunny right now…” I’d whine, looking out the window at puddles forming on the beach walk. Instead of suiting up in rain gear and pushing myself out the door, I did the opposite – opened the windows as wide as possible and would take a nap. Have you ever heard the sound of rain on the ocean? It’s impossible to not get lulled into a long, dreamy snooze. 

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Despite my nap-heavy daytime routine, our evening schedule remained consistent. Wine, cheese and a baguette in the hotel room from the nearby grocery store, a half-hearted discussion about how we ‘should’ leave and then a long, slow walk through the dreamy town, disguised as a search for a restaurant. 

There’s something to be said about slow, bucket list-less travel. After four days of Italian seaside relaxation, I felt utterly refreshed, though – of course- I won’t be turning down naptime anytime soon. 

Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-33Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-34Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-36Positano, Italy - The Overseas Escape-32Have you ever had weather totally change your vacation plans? What’d you do instead? (Or are you like me?) ;D


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