Photo Diary: Chania, Greece

Photo Diary: Chania, Greece

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What do you think of when you think about Crete? A sandy island in the Med, feta filling plates and white washed villages?

That’s certainly what I had anticipated.

Instead of a sleepy paradise I found the vibrant colorful city of Chania, incredibly welcoming locals and the clearest water I’ve ever seen. Chania isn’t a typical vacation destination for English speakers but from what I found, it should be. Prices are reasonable, there’s classic Mediterranean weather and cuisine, and a seemingly endless web of picturesque alleys. My visit was separated over the course of multiple evenings but I still managed to take hundreds of pictures, peeking at blue hour – I couldn’t help myself! I adapted to an awkward walk: one step, click, two steps, click click, making me not the most delightful person to join on a city stroll.

So, tell me, think you’d want to pay this place a visit?!

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This week I’ll be in Italy with Dan and my in-laws and I’m over-the-moon excited! We’re staying in Positano for a few days then moving on to Rome. I’ve been to both before but only for a few fleeting to-do list oriented hours. This is actually Dan and my first slow paced week long vacation in almost two years! Without a packed schedule, my goal is to catch some sun, eat gelato and finish reading Bold (yep, I’m a weirdo who loves non-fiction).

If you have any recommendations for Amalfi Coast or Rome, lemmeknow! 😀

Lastly, I made a switch on Instagram recently from @overseasescape to @margo.paige – I just wanted to identify myself as a real live gal behind the ‘gram versus some travel magazine or company. I feel better about it too! Follow along with my Italian vacay over here. 😉


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