Paris in the Fall + Inside My Adorable $65/night Parisian Airbnb

Paris in the Fall + Inside My Adorable $65/night Parisian Airbnb


There’s a zillion reasons why we’re all so drawn to Paris with it’s chic style and flair, but I bet I know one of the main factors: the light. After walking around Europe with my lens for the last weeks there are a few noticeable traits that some of the most photogenic destinations possess: grand architecture, waterways, cobbled streets, quintessential elements that are rare in the US but mainstream abroad. In Paris though, there is something surreal about the light and even what the city does with the absence of it. In the morning and evenings streams of gold pool on the sidewalks while midday, a particularly challenging time period for great shots, the light is gently filtered by windows and glass onto the streets below. Even under an overcast sky the city lends itself, maintaining the blissful ambiance. Even the most industrious of alleyways are oddly beautiful.

During my visit a few weeks ago, I lucked out with the opportunity to capture the beginning of the change in foliage. I took advantage by doing what any typical, semi-annoying tourist would do, I took a zillion pictures. The shots below are from my time north of the Seine in the Tuileries Gardens, Place des Vosges (in Marais) and the neighborhood around my Airbnb near Strasbourg Saint-Denis.

My $65/night Airbnb:

I had a few priorities when shopping around my Airbnb in Paris with a good location and strong wifi being at the top. Next, perhaps surprisingly, I really wanted a balcony so I could do my work without feeling cooped up. For me, especially when visiting cities, there’s nothing better than enjoying the street scene from above, perhaps drinking a little vino while I’m at it. I ended up finding a darling, albeit petite, Airbnb below budget in an especially vibrant area of town. While I typically recommend travelers stay in St. Germain (south of the Seine) I ended up really enjoying my location near the Strasbourg Saint-Denis metro. It did require a bit more walking but, as it’s probably obvious to you know, with my camera in hand I didn’t mind.

During my 4 night stay I spent the majority of my time on THIS sweet little balcony – working, eating, people-watching, etc. etc. For me, this was the money maker and the main reason I’d recommend the apartment. Other wins were: a delightful host (a local graphic designer and painter, which I found particularly interesting), great location, adorable kitchen (with everything you need sans coffee maker – although there’s a bunch of cafes on the street that can help you with that), and – important for solo travelers – I felt totally safe. The biggest drawback was that the apartment is a 5th floor walkup (!) so you can bet your buns are burning by the time you get to the top.

Here is a link to this Paris Airbnb Listing // Haven’t done Airbnb yet? Use this link to get $35 off your first stay (plus by using this link I’ll also get Airbnb credit so I can feed my wanderlust addiction! ;D)


In case you missed it, I compiled a map and spreadsheet with ALL my favorite Airbnbs in Europe (plus hotels) in this post, aptly named “Where to Stay in Europe“, over the summer. Enjoy!

The leaf change in Virginia right now is AMAZING. I feel like I’m seeing the state with brand new eyes even though I grew up here! Even though the warm weather has been fantastic for getting out and enjoying the colors, I’m also ready to throw a sweater and call it fall! Who’s with me?