Our trip to the North Pole // Vienna, Austria Christmas Markets

Our trip to the North Pole // Vienna, Austria Christmas Markets


While planning our Thanksgiving break vacation with our lovely visitors, I did a lot of research on European Christmas Markets. A lot. In all my research, nearly every ‘Top 10’ list there sat Vienna, Austria. The supposed king of Christmas Markets. Since we didn’t have time to fit Vienna in our Thanksgiving vacation, I was thrilled when I found a flight with Austrian Air for a 100 euro round-trip from Frankfurt and this adorable AirBnb studio (the pictures don’t do it justice!) for mid-December. Vienna is indeed a lovely city and if you’re looking for a gorgeous backdrop to charming markets, will this is a darn good place to start.


You know they’re serious about the holidays when they set up Christmas Tree stands in the middle of their main pedestrian-only street. Too bad even the smallest trees averaged 40 euro, ouch.

Vienna-Christmas04 Vienna-Christmas05

Christmas spirit is everywhere in Vienna. Here was a little shopping area that we cut through en route to one of the many markets that lie throughout the city center.

Vienna-Christmas06 Vienna-Christmas07 Vienna-Christmas08 Vienna-Christmas09

Honey roasted peanuts. I can still smell them…

Vienna-Christmas10 Vienna-Christmas11 Vienna-Christmas12 Vienna-Christmas13 Vienna-Christmas14 Vienna-Christmas15

Perhaps the most iconic Christmas scene in all of Europe, an awesome market lies just in front of the Schonbrunn Palace. Dan and I spent hours here – the food was amazing, the punch (Austrian version of Gluhwein) was delicious and the vendors had lovely authentic handcrafts.

Vienna-Christmas16 Vienna-Christmas17 Vienna-Christmas19 Vienna-Christmas20 Vienna-Christmas27 Vienna-Christmas21

 Oh, that, why that’s mac and cheese with bacon. Oh boy.

Vienna-Christmas22 Vienna-Christmas23 Vienna-Christmas24 Vienna-Christmas25 Vienna-Christmas26 Vienna-Christmas29 Vienna-Christmas30 Vienna-Christmas31

Six days until Christmas sweet friends! Are you ready?!