Our Game Plan (& Happy 4th!)

Our Game Plan (& Happy 4th!)


With our repatriation back to the US looming closer and closer I’ve been overwhelmed with nostalgia about leaving Germany, and understandably, lots of questions from friends, family and blogland about what is next.

So what is next?

For the longest time, we had a serious plan – we’d charted it out (no, seriously) and determined that we wanted to live somewhere that had:

  1. great opportunities to be outdoors
  2. medium-ish sized city (and with that, hopefully less traffic!)
  3. career opportunities for both Dan and I
  4. possibility of the good work/life balance we’ve found here in Europe (!)
  5. reasonable cost of living

So we debated and debated. We first settled on HONOLULU, Hawaii! How exotic would that be? We’d go surfing every morning! Right? After breaking the news to our families they were at first excited then grew quiet when they realized that the flights to Hawaii were actually longer and more expensive than flights to Germany from Virginia. 

So we nixed it.

We went back to the drawing board and determined that, surely, we had it: CHARLESTON, South Carolina. Great beaches, a beautiful downtown (hello, Instagram!) and on the East Coast, so close to home. Dan actually visited Charleston during his trip back to the US a few months ago to scope it out. We even began working with a realtor in hopes of finding the perfect apartment. The job market for our careers though, that’s where things got tough.

Finally, we went back to our beloved chart one last time. Only then did it dawn on us, we wanted to live in Heidelberg… but in the US. 

Heidelberg Germany

A vibrant university town, amazing culture, restaurants and endless things to do outside. We love Heidelberg so much and I’m completely convinced that I’ll never live anywhere more scenic. (The picture above being from a frequent evening stroll on the Neckar.)

So we discussed it all over again and finally decided…

BOULDER, Colorado! With endless outdoor opportunities, a great renewable energy industry for Dan and close to my sister in Denver. It was perfect. 

But then last week happened.

Our plans were unexpectedly thrown back up in the air (I’ll spare the details) and now we lack them entirely. In August we look forward to returning to Virginia for a few weeks while we determine where to go next. I could tip-toe around it, but I won’t – I’m a planner, through and through, and I like knowing what to anticipate. Our things are getting packed up and out yet the other end of the rope is very, very fuzzy. I’m hoping that there’s some sort of lesson to be learned from this totally blank slate on our direction.  Some sort of personal growth phase, right? The only thing I know is that I’ve got my hubby, Stuart and a heap of faith that it will work out in the end. 

So, as I’m telling myself, stay tuned on what is next. 😉

Stuart & Lauren-8

And, of course, Happy Independence Day to my American pals! We’re celebrating poolside with a bunch of close expat pals, attempting to beat this European heat wave with cold watermelon and pils. Cheers!