New Look & Feel for the Blog!

New Look & Feel for the Blog!


Enough was enough, I was tired of dealing with ongoing WordPress issues either with my theme or hosting provider. A new look and feel was in order, as well as (for my own sanity) improved reliability.

Around 5PM on Sunday night I made the switch to a new theme and have spent the better part of 20 hours since tweaking and CSSing my heart out. Not to sound braggy but I’m loving the new space and am SO pleased with how it’s turned out. Bright and colorful, it’s still minimal(ish) but has a fun way to display travel images. Take a stroll around and let me know what you think!

New pages include:

Escape Guides

New Reader

Shop (My Etsy Shop is still available but I think it’s important for my little biz to be able to sell from this space!)


If you’re struggling with your hosting provider then I absolutely recommend moving to Site Ground. The support and service is a day and night difference between them and my time with BlueHost. Their 24 hour tech support has literally NO wait time (with BlueHost it always exceeded 30 minutes) and they go above and beyond to help not just hosting related issues but even tech issues that don’t even involve them – just yesterday I had a weird problem with an excess number of bots crawling my site and their tech support wrote a custom script for me to fix it, and it was totally free. Also, my site’s uptime has been 100% since moving over in February!


  • Wow, I LOVE it!!! I’m playing around and I love the interaction as well as how the images display. Especially loving the blog landing page with the full frame image and quote!

    So glad to hear it’s been a good move for you!

    xo Mary-Katherine |

    • Margo

      and thank YOU for your input about the sticky navigation bar – you had commented awhile back about how you found that helpful for navigating around my site and I’m SO glad I made the switch. you’re the BEST! xo

  • Your new website looks great! I’m loving the giant header pictures! 🙂

    • Margo

      thanks so much sweetie! SO I’m planning to be back in HD in October and am dying to see you! I have no idea which days yet but I’ll keep you posted! xoxo

      • Awesome!! 😀 I’m sure I’m going to be around in October, so just keep me posted. Are you combining Germany with your trip to Tuscany?

        • Margo

          yeah, exactly – either before or after! Right now I’m thinking after might be easiest. 😀

  • Love it! And I am so happy we made the switch to SiteGround!

    • Margo

      sighhhh… all credit goes to YOU missy! #blogginggamechanger

  • Congratulations! Your site is so fresh and colorful. And glad to hear you are happy with the transition 🙂

    • Margo

      thanks so much sweetie. I can’t tell you just how many hourssss I searched for a theme that fit the look and feel I was going for. so happy to have found this one!

  • Looks so clean and fresh, Margo! I just redesigned my blog last week, so I share your excitement. I’d love for you to check it out:

    • Margo

      on my way now, dear! woohoo!

  • Looks great!!! I’m hoping to launch my new site by the end of the month! 🙂

    • Margo

      ehhhh! soo exciting girlfriend! are you going w/ station seven?! they are amazing.

  • Love, love the new look! I was actually going to write you on Twitter about it but then saw this post! 🙂 Love seeing your beautiful photographs blown up like that!

    • Margo

      yay! thanks so much sweetie! I’m so glad you like it! hugs!

  • Kari Guastella

    Love the new look! Everything is really easy to find!

    • Margo

      yay, glad you like it! readability and easy navigation was definitely the goal!

  • It looks so fresh and beautiful!

    My only comment is that the header “The Overseas Escape” is actually overlapping with your other headings when the window is in between sizes, before it switches to “Escape”, if that makes any sense. I’m using the latest version of Google Chrome.

    • Margo

      Yes! I did a bit of testing relating to this and it looks like the only folks affected have 10 or 12 inch desktop monitors, hopefully (or not so hopefully) you fall into one of those categories? I’ve emailed the theme developer about the issue so fingers crossed they provide me a resolution soon!

      this is the site I used to run the test:

      • I actually have a 20″ monitor!

        • Margo

          oh yikes! no idea why that’s happening, would you mind sending me a screenshot if you get a sec? sorry and thanks so much, dear!

  • Loves BEAUTIFUL! I’ve been wanting a site refresh for awhile and have been debating between switching to either WordPress or Squarespace. Love what you did to Overseas Escape – looks so sleek!!

    • Margo

      thanks, dear! in hindsight I think if i would have made the switch from blogger to squarespace a few years ago I would’ve been really happy – wordpress is fun but definitely comes with it’s own hoops to jump through, mainly relating to having too many choices!

  • this is beautiful, Margo! love it so much!

    • Margo

      thanks, sweetie! while the process of switching themes is daunting at first, I can’t deny that I love change and sprucing! 😀

  • It looks great!

    • Margo

      thanks so much, Christine! it’s such a relief that everything has finally come together! 😀

  • Love the new look, Margo! Sorry to hear you had to go through all of that trouble to get here, but at least it’s brightened your day to have a new space 🙂 If you ever have trouble again (though hopefully you don’t!) I would highly recommend Squarespace! I use them for my portfolio and my secret business that isn’t public yet 😉 Their e-commerce pages are so easy to use and they take care of so much of the backend for you. I’m ditching my wordpress blog shortly and moving everything over to Squarespace. I honestly thought you had moved to Squarespace initially (before I read your post) because they have a template very similar to this! Regardless, I’m happy you’re happy AND it looks beautiful 🙂

    • Margo

      thanks dear! I totally would move to squarespace and tried getting over there many times but I just use too many plugins that would make the migration extra scary (for side by side images I actually put them in a table shortcode, as well as a google maps shortcode at the bottom of many of my travel posts)… but boy do I wish I could make the switch!

      SECRET business? oh my, I can’t wait to hear more about it! 😀

  • I love the new look! It’s always so exciting to get a new layout/design for blogs! It’s a shame that you had so many problems with your last hosting provider, but so great that you found a new (better) one! Yay! I’m lucky in that my boyfriend is a website developer, so he actually hosts my website, but he’s had a few problems lately with downtime. Shame I can’t switch hahaha!
    xo April | April Everyday

    • Margo

      haha! I’d love to see your broach that convo “So sweetie, you’re great and all but.. I’m moving on… to another hosting provider.” 😀

      Glad you like the new digs! I’m definitely happy with how it came together!

  • Love it!!! It’s beautiful!

  • I loveeeeee the new site!!!!

  • This new look is amazing! Congrats on the launch 🙂

  • love what you’ve done 🙂

  • Looks great! Thanks for the info on Site Ground. I have been looking to switch, but wasn’t sure to what.

  • The new website looks FABULOUS Margo! One question – which Siteground hosting plan did you opt for? I’m trying to decide and really don’t know what I’m doing haha!

  • This looks so great!

  • I haven’t been on your site in a while and I noticed instantly! LOVE the new look!

  • Danielle Wisniewski

    Love love love the new look! Great job!

  • Elle Raison

    Your site looks really great! Well done – you should be really proud. I’ve just moved from Blogger to WordPress so I know the feeling (except mine is waaaay smaller). Still trying to nut out all the changes. Elle x