New Look & Feel for the Blog!

New Look & Feel for the Blog!


Enough was enough, I was tired of dealing with ongoing WordPress issues either with my theme or hosting provider. A new look and feel was in order, as well as (for my own sanity) improved reliability.

Around 5PM on Sunday night I made the switch to a new theme and have spent the better part of 20 hours since tweaking and CSSing my heart out. Not to sound braggy but I’m loving the new space and am SO pleased with how it’s turned out. Bright and colorful, it’s still minimal(ish) but has a fun way to display travel images. Take a stroll around and let me know what you think!

New pages include:

Escape Guides

New Reader

Shop (My Etsy Shop is still available but I think it’s important for my little biz to be able to sell from this space!)


If you’re struggling with your hosting provider then I absolutely recommend moving to Site Ground. The support and service is a day and night difference between them and my time with BlueHost. Their 24 hour tech support has literally NO wait time (with BlueHost it always exceeded 30 minutes) and they go above and beyond to help not just hosting related issues but even tech issues that don’t even involve them – just yesterday I had a weird problem with an excess number of bots crawling my site and their tech support wrote a custom script for me to fix it, and it was totally free. Also, my site’s uptime has been 100% since moving over in February!