Sunshine & Neuschwanstein Castle // Fussen, Germany

Sunshine & Neuschwanstein Castle // Fussen, Germany


Our stop at Neuschwanstein was long but brief, which doesn’t make any sense but I’ll explain. Of the world’s population, I would venture to say that half have seen Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Depicted during the opening sequence of every Disney movie the castle in Orlando was almost solely modeled after Neuschwanstein castle. Rightfully so, too, because it is stinking beautiful! However, with this fame you can only imagine the popularity with tourists. Despite being pretty out of the way a visit to the castle is a pit stop of every major European bus tour. Even though our visit was during the lowest of low season, we waited nearly 2 hours (hence the long) just to get a bus ride to the top of the mountain where it rests. Once there, we found walking paths around the castle grounds and gorgeous views of the surrounding landscape. Yes, I’m glad that I went but I doubt I’d go back.  Once we were finally at the top, I admittedly was already a little burnt out and annoyed by the amount of other tourists. In total we probably covered the grounds and ho-hum interior tour in about an hour (i.e. brief).


Neuschwanstein07 Neuschwanstein02

  Neuschwanstein04Neuschwanstein06 Neuschwanstein08 Neuschwanstein09

In Summary


Absolutely go on a weekday and preferably in winter otherwise it’ll be you and 10,000 other tourists.


Buy castle tour ticket (you might as well, right) at the bottom then immediately take the bus to the top and walk around. Your ticket will indicate the timeslot in which you’re allowed to start your tour. Don’t miss it.


Your camera, the views ARE great.