My wedding is in 2 weeks! 10 GIF’s to describe how I feel.

My wedding is in 2 weeks! 10 GIF’s to describe how I feel.

Aside from my overwhelming JOY and excitement about becoming a wife, there’s a lot on my mind these days. I wouldn’t say I’m overly stressed, but I the plans hanging over my head for the next 2 weeks have my head completely spinning with emotions. The big day is June 14th, yay!

This is how I feel:

When I think about my bachelorette party with my girlfriends NEXT weekend in Ocean City, Maryland:

When I see carbs, alcohol, or anything sweet. (I’ll be honest, these days I’m surviving on smoked salmon, sunflower seeds and vegetables. Safe to say Dan is over this diet.)

On that note, what I’m going to do on June 15th:

Me, in spin class lately. Yes, I’m that girl.

When someone mentions table assignments. (We’re delaying this task as long as possible.)

When I cross something off my to-do list.

Waiting for the weather report on our wedding day.

Although he hasn’t said it explicitly, this is what Dan wants to do when I send him yet another email about something wedding related that he needs to do.

(Yep, he’s depicted as Mary Poppins and I’m the fake parrot..?)

When I look at our recent credit card statement.

How I feel about Dan being my hubby!!

Have a great weekend everyone! If you’re looking for a little Friday afternoon pick-me-up (if the fact that it’s Friday isn’t enough) check out this great little pep talk that Dan’s sister shared with me.

The Pep Talk by Kid President
I love it!