My heart was set on Annecy.

My heart was set on Annecy.


Finally, we finally made it to Annecy, France. I’d dreamt of this place for years (you think I’m kidding).

Back in 2012 my then-future mother in law gave me a Rick Steves travel guide to France for Christmas. I spent the peak of the tryptophan infused hours of the holiday perusing the pages of the guidebook without any real plans for visiting the country. Halfway through the canaled town of Annecy nearly jumped from the pages. It was love at first sight.

(Little did any of us know that in a few short months I’d be given the opportunity to move minutes from the French border. Funny how quickly life can change, isn’t it?)


Annecy is undoubtedly popular with the French, Swiss and Germans – an adorable little town seated beside Lake Annecy (renowned as being one of the cleanest lakes in Europe) and the French Alps. Dan and I escaped to Annecy a few months ago and still talk longingly about our visit.


In 5 words, Annecy is: canals, flowers, clean, historic and gehh, so cliché but true, beautiful. It’s surely one of the most unique European destinations, an Alpine Venice, if you will.


Apart from hiking, boating on the lake, and eating excess amounts of cheese, wine and baguette (this is France after all!) we enjoyed lonngggg strolls through town with Stuart. These pictures are a compilation of our walks so you’ll have to excuse me while I drop back into my Annecy daydream with this heap of pictures. 🙂


Think you’d like to pay Annecy a visit? Fly into nearby Geneva or Lyon and take advantage of their convenient train connections to the town. Visiting in summer opens the door to water activities while wintertime is ideal for skiers who want to take advantage of great runs in the Alps, seen in the background of many of this shots.


Where have you been dreaming about visiting? Now that Annecy has been scratched off my list I’ve got my scope set on Bergen, Norway!