Luxury in the Istanbul Airport – Oh la la!

Luxury in the Istanbul Airport – Oh la la!

When I travel, around 99% of the time I’m doing it low-cost- airbnb and street food are seriously my jam. Recently I was chatting with girlfriends about how as gals in our 20s we often skimp on our accommodations when it comes to travel. Even at 27, I’m still completely game to cram into a hotel room with my favorites. A solid night’s sleep, spreading out my stuff- that can wait until I get home. Sometimes though, I’m super lucky and get to stay at some pretty sweet hotels or I splurge for an awesome restaurant. Ahh, luxury, such a tricky business. I would LOVE to stay at the Ritz one day but then again I could also be completely content with the two Kate Spade purses I could buy instead.

While traveling in Turkey I was a lucky duck and got to hang out in the nicest airline lounges I’ve EVER seen. So nice that instead of relaxing and enjoying my time in the lap of luxury, I spent my entire layover taking pictures of it. Though, sporting my favorite pashmina from Target, I’m not sure I fit in anyway. For those that worship their Star Alliance status like I do, if you ever have the opportunity to make it to Istanbul, give yourself a solid few hours in the Turkish Airlines lounge.

Olives = Joy? I’d say so.

A whole room full of giant mac computers will help kill a long layover.

I was pretending to be an investigative reporter when I took this picture of the inside of the ladies bathroom, but in reality, the cleaning lady thought I was a complete sketch ball. Really though, there is so much marble and mahogany that it would make Ron Burgundy jealous.

Not pictured (because I was getting out of hand): made to order omelet bar and breakfast buffet, cozy movie room, and mega TV wall with no less than 12 different games playing.