10 Things to Love on the Web

10 Things to Love on the Web


I’ve stumbled upon so much amazing content around the blogosphere and web lately that it’d be silly not to share. Here are the 10 things that I love most:

1 | Two of my college girlfriends live in Richmond, Virginia; one is a 5th grade teacher and the other is a lawyer at the county circuit court. When a 5th grader, Sydney, learned that her teacher’s friend was a lawyer she inquired about an internship opportunity. Here is what the she wrote: LetterfromSydneyMy favorite takeaway – “If internships aren’t available, tell me gently and I’ll understand. Also, tell me a bit about how you became a lawyer. I want to be a CEO, writer, and lawyer, so I have two things to fall back on. Lastly, are there any resources for budding lawyers, if so, enlighten me.”

The world needs more little gals like Sydney! I love it. #enlightenme

2 | This Ultimate List of Free Content Curation Tools is spot on and insanely helpful for bloggers.

3 | This infographic on US travel trends is just plain interesting. I need to get to the UAE.

4 | I LOVE that Christine followed my advice and visited Hallstatt, Austria! You should too!

5 | Are you a Cup of Joe reader too? I love the background she provided on her blog’s new makeover. 

6 | This TED Radio Hour about organization was captivating! 

7 | I’m taking an active part in helping bring an innovate new app to market. For travelers like me (and you!) it’s going to change the way I connect with new people, I can’t wait. Check it out

8 | I don’t have a tattoo but if I did, this might be what I’d get. 

9 | What instagram accounts inspire you? Not the mega-giant ones, but the smaller guys? I’d love to feature them here. Let me know in the comments below.

10 | I really loved Jamie’s post with tips for introverts on group trips. Although I’m certainly an extravert, these are some great things to think about when it comes to establishing your own space when there physically is none. 

There are SO many exciting things brewing on my end that I can barely contain it. In typical blogger fashion though, I’m going to wait to share until things actually start falling into place. The past few weeks have been an incredibly stressful journey of making big choices but if all goes as currently planned, we have a lot to look forward to.