For the Love of Local

For the Love of Local

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I’m a tourist in YOUR town: what’s the best museum, coolest street art or tastiest local cocktail?

These are the questions that Polly, from Let’s Love Local, is encouraging us to find answers to. Her blog is a travel blog for local travelers. Adventure can happen anywhere, right? So while I’d love to get my hands on tickets to Patagonia, camping in the nearby Shenandoah could still be a ton of fun. In Polly’s words, she’s put together  “simple ideas so you can discover what’s amazing about where you are, no matter where you are” and I LOVE IT.

Of course her enthusiasm is contagious, so you’ve made up your mind to do something local – but what? That’s the BIG part 2: weekly prompts that encourage you to get out and explore using the tag #LLLAdventure. The first prompt was to find a wall mural:


MontgomeryFest //


Setarra //


So fun, right? Follow along with the #LLLAdventure prompts over here or on Polly’s IG handle.

Looking for even more ideas? I’m a huge fan of Alastair Humphrey’s notion of micro-adventures after I stumbled upon him speaking on a podcast. His website has all kinds of inspiring ideas for getting out and doing something fun and different. A personal favorite: meet your friends and camp on a hill. Yes, really! Watch this:

(Am I the only one that noticed him looking a cat images before leaving his office? Ha!)

Since I’m currently camping out at my parents house in Fredericksburg, Virginia, I’ve loved participating in the prompts and doing a little more exploring of my own. Channeling Polly’s vibe, I’ve gone on SO many iPhone-only photowalks around the historic district of Fredericksburg. Good ole fashioned wandering, ya know!?

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File Nov 19, 10 46 25 AMFredericksburg, Virginia - The Overseas Escape -1 Fredericksburg, Virginia - The Overseas Escape -4

So when’s the last time you did a LOCAL ADVENTURE? What was it?! Better yet, have you ever checked TripAdvisor’s list of best things to do in your town? You might be (very!) surprised on where visitors go.