How to: Cheat at Travel Photography // Adobe Lightroom Demo

How to: Cheat at Travel Photography // Adobe Lightroom Demo

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I think I finally figured it out about 16 months ago and haven’t looked back since.

So here’s my confession: I edit the images I share on my blog extensively. Oh yes, I take tons of pictures when I travel and use manual mode when possible but the reality is – when I’m exploring a city, on a walking tour, or any situation that doesn’t allow me to stop/adjust/shoot/evaluate/reshoot then I’m more than likely in Aperture-only mode. I don’t stress about exposure, white balance or saturation, instead, I just cheat my way into great shots once I get home!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on how I can serve new bloggers and travelers on this space and realized that outside of travel related questions (which I now have a resolution for!) I receive a lot of feedback about my photography. Welp, my secret sauce is not my camera (although I do love it) and all the credit doesn’t go to my lens either (though a great lens is crucial!). It’s Lightroom, a photo editing software created by Adobe.

So here’s the deal, on Wednesday, March 2, 2016 at 8PM EST I’ll be hosting a free Google Hangout demo showing:

– My Lightroom workflow
– Basic Editing Tips (+ the one tool everyone overlooks!)
– Lightroom shortcuts
– Using Brushes to improve an Image

The best part? I want to use YOUR images as my examples for the demo. If you’re game, submit one 1600px image to: subject: “Demo Pic”

In the spirit of disclosure, here’s a bunch of before and after’s showing the magic (because that’s what it is!) of Lightroom:

Can’t wait to see you then!

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