Life Lately: The Underseas Escape

Life Lately: The Underseas Escape

Koh Tao, Thailand - The Overseas Escape-1

Awhile back when I was toying with renaming my blog one of my best friends jokingly told me that I should call it ‘The Underseas Escape’ and write about snorkeling. Three months later her cheeky comment has come to fruition and now all I want to do to is rant about my recent encounter with a reef shark, green turtle and darling little clown fish. 

After a few nights in Koh Samui we boarded a ferry to the nearby island of Koh Tao famed for it’s sparkling blue water. After a miserable, rolling 2 hour ride (I spent the entire time on the top deck drinking ginger ale and watching the horizon), we couldn’t have been more thrilled to step foot on dry land. As it turned out though, Koh Tao offered SO much more than a reprieve. With a ton of beach bars, dive shops and local restaurants, the vibe on the island is as laid back as they come. On our third day there a few divers spotted a whale shark at one of the nearby dive sites the whole island was up in arms trying to find it. This was a BIG deal and the talk of the island for days after. Our initial plan to stay 3 nights was slowly modified to 4, 5, and eventually 6 on the island. 


reef views at lunch after a morning spent swimming with fish of every color & one beautiful reef shark! ???

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On our last full day Dan and I were able to do a dive together (I already had my certification) and set out explore a few reefs just offshore. After the boat dropped us off our dive master showed us around a massive underwater boulder then mistakenly lead us away from shore, the opposite of where we were supposed to. For awhile the three of us were just swimming into the abyss. We couldn’t see any sea life or even the sea floor, just deep blueness all around us. It was so odd – not scary, just incredibly weird. 

After what felt like ages, our dive master swam to the surface and realized her mistake. She apologized profusely but to be totally honest I almost enjoyed the experience. It was such an odd place to be, like on another planet or something. Once we returned to shore we made our way to the next reef and, lucky us, spotted a green turtle. He was so beautiful!

Koh Tao, Thailand - The Overseas Escape-3

Unfortunately our GoPro battery isn’t the most reliable so none of our time diving was documented. Bubbly, sigh. Had it been though, then perhaps The Underseas Escape would have become something. Next time. 

Have you tried diving? What’d you think?