Life Lately: Singapore smoke & a pit stop in Penang

Life Lately: Singapore smoke & a pit stop in Penang


Our 24 hour stop in Singapore was very different from what we’d hoped for. The city is currently victim to ‘burning season’ in Sumatra so a thick, eye-itching haze blanketed the entire island. From the famous rooftop infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands only the silhouettes of the towers on the city could be seen. Despite the affects of the season on visibility and our sinuses (I felt like I had a head cold the entire time! Just me?) we did LOVE our time at the Newton and Chinatown hawker stands and really got a kick out of high-flying skywalk at Gardens by the Bay.

Moving north we caught a quick, dirt cheap flight to Penang, Malaysia. Originally we had planned to use the city as a base for a visit to the Cameroon Highlands. After booking and further research we realized that touring the breezy tea plantations of the Highlands required an unappealing 4-5 hour bus ride each way. In hindsight, using Kuala Lampur as a base would have made a lot more sense. Thankfully, we shelved our plans and Penang ended up being the biggest shock of our trip.

Upon arrival our Uber driver (FYI Uber is quickly raising in popularity in this region and a fantastic, reasonably priced method for getting around) welcomed us, warmly, then pointed out all his favorite spots around town. Following his advice and that of the locals we met, we spent the next few days exploring the UNESCO preserved old town, scavenging for street art and eating – SO MUCH eating. The world famous hawker stands definitely rivaled those we visited in Singapore.


Now it’s on to Ko Samui, Thailand! It’s hard to believe we’ve been on the road for 3 weeks!

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